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Indoor sports you can play when it's raining: Tennis

Here’s Where You Can Play Indoor Sports This Rainy Season

Don’t let the rain stop you from channeling your competitive spirit. Here are the best indoor sports you can play and where you can play them!

Let’s face it — it’s challenging to get things done during the rainy season. The gloomy skies, cold weather, and strong rains can make staying at home and lounging around more tempting than usual.

But if you’re like us and can’t keep away from a golf course or a football field for long enough, we get it. So, to channel the athlete in you even when the weather doesn’t agree with many outdoor sports, here are some indoor sports you can try and where to try them!

Racket sports
Indoor Sports for the Rainy Season: Racket Sports
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Let’s start with an obvious one here. Racket sports are a go-to way for many to stay active even when the rain starts pouring. And the best part is that there are many options to choose from!

Some popular racket sports include tennis, badminton, squash, pickleball, padel, and even table tennis. And if you have yet to try these, you can use up the rainy season to learn something new!

Here are some places in Metro Manila where you can book courts for different racket sports:

Futsal, basketball, volleyball
Indoor sports you can play when it's raining: Futsal
(Photo credit: Senda Athletics)

Another obvious one. As long as you can find an indoor court and round up the teammates you need to play, then you can go for a game of futsal, basketball, or volleyball even when it is raining.

Here are some courts around Metro Manila that you can book for your next game:

(Photo credit: Freepik)

If you’re looking for a way to stay fit, boxing is one of the best options. It is a high-intensity workout that will help you improve endurance, strength, and coordination. So, even if you are an athlete of a different sport, boxing is a great way to cross-train.

Here are some boxing gyms you can check out:

Virtual golf
Indoor Sports for the Rainy Season: Virtual Golf
(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The rise of new technologies in sports has brought about many incredible things for athletes, one of them being the ability to play golf even indoors.

Virtual golf has not only become a way for golfers to play when it’s raining but also a way to keep their skills sharp, something very important to the sport.

Here’s where you can play virtual golf:

Indoor Sports for the Rainy Season: Bowling
(Photo credit: Studio 300 on Facebook)

And for those of you who are simply looking for an outlet to release the competitive side in you, there is always bowling. Round up a few friends and start a fun tournament!

Here are some bowling alleys around the Metro:

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