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These are The GAME’s Anta must-haves for summer hoopers

Hey Summer Hooper: Here are 5 Must-Haves for The Season!

Are you ready for the summer, hooper? Here are five ANTA essentials that you need for a hoopin’ summer season!

Hooping the summer is a universal thing for those who love basketball. Whether you’re on the court by yourself working on certain aspects of your game, or you’re competing in your area’s local league, summer hoops are always a special experience.

The GAME recently visited one of ANTA’s flagship stores and we picked out the five must-haves for every summer hooper out there!

1. Indoor / Outdoor Basketball
Anta's indoor/outdoor basketball is perfect for a summer hooper

When shopping for a ball, there are four main things you’ll want to look for: correct size, good grip, proper weight, and durability. With this ball, you can consider all these boxes checked, and add another one for versatility, as this one is good for both indoor and outdoor use.

With this, you’re not really buying this specific ball for those things. One look at this colorful orb and you’ll know that it’s one that is specifically designed for the summer. Check out the choice of colors, the pattern, and the details (that we can’t get enough of).

2. The matching sweatshirt
Anta's sweatshirt is made of cool fabric, perfect for a summer hooper
Anta's 'Free to Dream' sweatshirt graphics match their basketball

We did say we can’t get enough of the details on the ball. So if you’re like us, check out this sweatshirt which features “emoji-like” details that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any basketball player or fan.

But beyond the styling, what really takes the cake here is the cool and breathable fabric it uses. Seems that the people at ANTA have thoughtfully designed their items for our country’s summer weather.

3. Kicks, and 4. More kicks
Anta's Shock The Game 6.0
Shock The Game 6.0
The ANTA Sweep 4
The ANTA Sweep 4
The ANTA Sweep 4 and Shock The Game 6.0
The ANTA Sweep 4 (left) and Shock The Game 6.0 (right)

“I don’t really need or want a new pair of shoes,” said no hooper ever.

Similar to the ball, both these pairs of Shock The Game 6.0 (pink) and The Anta Sweep 4 (white-green) are designed to perform, whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors. And, similar to the ball, these pairs are designed to wow with their styling and details.

Apart from the visual wow factor, the key takeaway remains to be that these are great basketball shoes on the court. It’s truly fitting with a lot of Achilles support, has grippy outsoles, and also has soft and shock-absorbing insoles. You can also look up their reviews on YouTube — and there are a lot available.

Here’s one to start you off on your rabbit hole!

5. Free to Dream hoodie

Remember when we said that people from ANTA have thoughtfully designed their items for our weather? Here’s more proof of that. It may not look like it, but his hoodie is incredibly cool, breezy, and light.

Anta's Free to Dream hoodie is perfect for a summer hooper

The outdoor court design on the back in what we choose to describe as purple sunset colors easily made it jump off the rack. But because we’re making a list of summer essentials, we almost ruled it out — until we put it on. And we’re so glad we did!

See you on the courts this sunny season, summer hooper!

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