How much has Alex Eala made in her career so far?

At only 17 years old, Alex Eala has already competed in and won ITF tournaments. So just how much has she earned from her career already?

Alex Eala is the Philippines’ tennis sweetheart. Only 17 years old, she has already become one of our country’s most successful players in the sport, as the first Filipino to ever win a Grand Slam title from her Junior doubles title in the 2020 Australian Open.

And to think, her career is still just about to take off.

Recently, the Filipina ace made her debut in a $100,000 ITF tournament, the W100 Poland. She won her first-round match.

The W100 tournament category is the highest level in the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour, particularly in terms of the prize money. But, even if Eala wins the tournament (fingers crossed), it won’t be her first win on a professional tour.

So just how much has Alex Eala made in her career thus far?

ITF Women’s World Tour explained

Let’s explain the tennis world a little bit first. Alex Eala competes in the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour, which is considered a second-tier tour. For reference, the WTFA Tour is considered first-tier.

The ITF tour includes tournaments of various categories, each one with different amounts of prize money. You may have heard of the categories, as Eala has been competing on the tour since 2020.

  • W15: $15,000
  • W25: $25,000
  • W60: $60,000
  • W80: $80,000
  • W100: $100,000

Alex Eala has competed in 28 of these tournaments in her career so far, and currently holds two titles from the W25 Chiang Rai and the W15 Manacor.

Knowing this, you can already somewhat guess how much Alex Eala has earned.

So how much has she earned?

From her two titles—along with the prize money she’s also earned from her quarters, semis, and finals appearances—Alex Eala has accumulated $53,799 as of August 1, 2022. This is equivalent to roughly around PHP 2,992,919.

Among the many other WTA players around the world, the Filipina stands at 2,030th out of 10,548.

For reference, the 10,548th player has a total of $1,000 career earnings, while the player in first has a total of $94,588,910. Can you guess who this player is?

Hint: She’s one of the Williams sisters.

But we should reiterate that this is her career earnings so far. She’s only 17 years old and is still in the running for the W100 Poland tournament currently ongoing.

Plus, Alex Eala became the highest-ranked Southeast Asian women’s tennis player at 340th and has even risen to her career-best ranking of 282nd in the world.


As Alex Eala continues on her upwards trajectory, breaking through barriers not only for herself, but for Philippine tennis, we wish her nothing but the best.

P.S. If you guessed Serena, you would be right.