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How much would it cost to watch Roger Federer play one last time?

Roger Federer is great for many reasons. His incredible backhand, his Wimbledon record, his 20 Grand Slam titles.

But timing is not one of those reasons.

With his very recent retirement announcement, the 41-year-old stunned the world. And, he only left a little over a week for his devoted fans to make plans to see him play one last time.

His final competitive appearance is happening at the Laver Cup in London this weekend. So for you spontaneous and die-hard Fed fans, this is how much it would cost to see his swan song.

Hop on a flight

The fact that Roger Federer announced his retirement so late means that prices will be at a premium. Given that the Laver Cup starts tomorrow, you would need to get on a flight, stat. 

Right now, flights from Manila to London start from around GBP 745 for a roundtrip ticket. This is equivalent to close to PHP 50,000. 

If you fly out by tonight or early tomorrow morning, you should be able to catch the first few sessions of the first day of the tournament. But unfortunately, we don’t yet know for sure when Roger Federer himself will be playing.

Rush to the Laver Cup

The Laver Cup is a relatively short tennis tournament. It only goes on for three days and each day only holds four matches, either for singles or doubles. 

Unfortunately for us, at the moment, they haven’t released the exact matchups between players. All we do know for sure is that every day, there will be two day sessions and two night sessions, except for Sunday, where all sessions will be in the day. 

But given Roger’s reputation, you might have a better shot booking a primetime night session, especially since the multi-session tickets have sold out. 

For the Friday sessions, ticket prices range from GBP 18 to 385 (around PHP 1,200 to 25,500). Saturday and Sunday sessions go for GBP 40 to 510 (around PHP 2,700 to 33,700).  

You’ll have a better shot seeing Roger in action by booking two or three sessions at the lowest possible price. But even if you don’t see the Swiss play, sure it would be a bummer. But other incredible players will be at the event too.

You may get the chance to Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Frances Tiafoe, or Casper Ruud.

Don’t forget your hotel!

We know you probably rushed to your flight, then maybe rushed to the first Friday session you could catch. But don’t forget to book your accommodations. 

The great thing about the Laver Cup is that it’s very short. And the great thing about London is that there are many hotels to choose from. 

Even booking at the very last minute, you can get hotel rooms for as low as GBP 15 per night, or around PHP 1,000. Of course, these won’t be the poshest hotels in the city with the best amenities. But you’re only here for two to three nights. You’ll survive, right?

Your total bill…

So if you decide to get on a last minute flight, book three tickets to the Laver Cup, and stay at a budget hotel for three nights, here’s how much your total would be:

GBP 844 or around PHP 55,720.

If you’re lucky and get all the best deals, why not go for it? But the only real question you need to ask yourself is this: Is Roger Federer worth it?