FIBA Hall of Fame Inductee Carlos Loyzaga

How You Can Watch FIBA Induct Carlos Loyzaga as the First Filipino Hall of Famer

Carlos Loyzaga is the first Filipino in the FIBA Hall of Fame, and for the first time, you can watch the induction ceremony live!

This August is shaping up to be a month for Filipino hoops fans. Not only is the 2023 FIBA World Cup taking place in the Philippines. On top of this, FIBA is also hosting the FIBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony on August 23 in Manila, just two days before the first tip-off of the World Cup. Is there a better way to celebrate global basketball than by honoring the greats of the sport? And this year, the Philippines will be getting its first-ever Filipino Hall of Famer — Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga.

FIBA Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are always historic, as they immortalize those who have succeeded in the game and those who have also shaped it into what it is today.

This year’s induction ceremony, however, is going to be even more special than it already is. For the first time in its history, the governing body of basketball is opening the doors of the ceremony to the public! Yes, you read that right — you can watch the ceremony live.

Here’s what you need to know!

Who will be inducted?
Carlos Loyzaga is the first Filipino basketball hall of famer

The FIBA Hall of Fame Class of 2023 features 12 names, and surely, many of them will sound familiar to you.

Among the inductees this year, Filipino basketball icon Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga will be honored at the event as the first-ever Filipino Hall of Fame player.

Loyzaga led the Philippines to their bronze-medal finish in the 1954 World Cup. On top of this, he also brought home four consecutive gold medals from the Asian Games. He represents what Gilas Pilipinas hopes to achieve today — global recognition in the game Filipinos love most. Thus, it is only fitting that “The Big Difference” himself gets his honor right before the World Cup takes place in the Philippines.

The Filipino icon joins many heavyweights in the sport. In the Class of 2023, Loyzaga will be inducted along with Chinese basketball star Yao Ming, as well as Katrina McClain, Wlamir Marques, Amaya Valdemoro, Yuko Oga, Penny Taylor, Sonny Hendrawan, Angelo Victoriano, Zurab Sakandelidze, Valerie Garnier, and Alessandro Gamba.

This is a class with influence. And for the first time ever, you actually have the chance to witness the induction ceremony live.

How can I watch the ceremony?
FIBA Class of 2023 Hall of Fame
(Photo credit: FIBA on Facebook)

The 2023 FIBA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila on August 23! You can be a part of history by buying your tickets here.

As this marks the first time the governing body of basketball is inviting fans of the sport to witness the ceremony in person, tickets are selling for $300 (roughly PHP 16,850).

Though this may be a hefty price, FIBA’s opening of the ceremony to the public comes with deeper intentions. The organization will donate all the proceeds from their ticket sales to the FIBA Foundation’s Basketball For Good projects. So not only will you get to witness history, but you will also be a part of the change that FIBA hopes to create through its foundation.

Plus, a ticket means that you’ll get to witness the honoring and celebration of a whole roster of basketball greats.

Will you witness history?

Banner image from Philippine Sports Commission.

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