ICYMI: The Philippines Football League is back this Sunday

Don’t get FOMO with the Philippines Football League this time around. It starts this Sunday, August 7. Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re still on a high from the Filipinas’ AFF Women’s Championship victory (we certainly are), we have good news for you. The Philippines Football League 2022-2023 season starts this Sunday, August 7.

Last season’s finalists, Kaya Futbol Club and United City Football Club will be competing in Rizal Football Stadium against the Azkals Development Team and Maharlika F.C., respectively.

It’s a brand new season for football in the Philippines, and we don’t want you to feel the FOMO. Here are a few things to know.

The PFL is the top football league in the country

The Philippines Football League is relatively young, established just five years ago in 2017. The PFL replaced the United Football League, which from 2009 to 2016, was the top league for football in the Philippines.

Although it has only been a short five years since the league began, its growth has been undeniable. Ever since 2019, Qatar Airways has been the Official Airline Partner of the Philippines Football League. With their partnership, the league was able to grow its exposure nationwide.

One main goal drove the establishment of the PFL: to create a professional league for football players and teams all around the country. And with that, eight professional teams competed in their inaugural season.

Now, there seven clubs competing in the PFL cup, also known as the Copa Paulino Alcantara.

The Copa Paulino Alcantara

The Copa Paulino Alcantara (CPA) is the PFL’s seasonly tournament. Each season, the teams compete in a round-robin for the elimination round. For every game, teams are awarded three points for every win and one point for every draw.

At the end of the elimination round, the top four teams in the standings make it to the semifinal of the tournament. Here were the standings from last season.

In the semifinals last May, United City F.C. and and Kaya F.C. trumped Dynamic Herb Cebu F.C. and the Azkals Development Team to make it to the finals of the CPA.

Finishing on the top of the table in the elimination round, Kaya F.C. were favored to win going into the final game. But, United City F.C. pulled an upset, defeating the former title-holders.

Now, the league is going into their 2022-2023 season beginning this Sunday.

How do I watch?

The best part about the PFL is that it’s so easy to watch. You can stream their matches on their YouTube or Facebook pages. Yes, it’s that easy, and it means you can watch from literally anywhere.

And if you want to go the extra mile and watch live, you can watch at Rizal Football Stadium starting this weekend.

Both finalists from last season will be playing on opening day, so freeing up your Sunday for a good old-fashioned ball game will be worth it.