It’s an Explosive Start for the MPL PH S13

It’s an Explosive Start for the MPL PH S13

Week one of the MPL proves why the Philippines is the best Mobile Legends region in the world.

The MPL PH S13 started with a proverbial bang as all eight teams were determined to start their season right. From crushing victories, secret stats, and close comebacks, week one had it all.

It’s an Explosive Start for the MPL PH S13
TNC Pro Team strike a pose right before their match against AP.Bren. (Photo by Moonton Games)

Day one was always going to be a banger thanks to the feature match of the evening. It was a rematch between the MPL S12 finalists AP.Bren and Blacklist International. A lot has changed since then as AP.Bren are the current MPL Philippines champions, the reigning M5 world champions, and the Games of the Future champions as well. Blacklist had their work cut out for them and the results showed. The Hive would triumph over the Agents 2-0 despite the Agents’ best efforts to counter the world champs.

All was not lost for Blacklist as they managed to squeeze a win out of Minana EVOS on day two. It was the closest set of the weekend as both teams were determined to end the week strong. Blacklist’s veteran discipline won out in the end however, as they took the set 2-1. 

It’s an Explosive Start for the MPL PH S13
ONIC Philippines celebrates their victory against RSG Philippines. (Photo by Moonton Philippines)

Then there was the self-made super team ONIC Philippines, definitively sweeping aside RSG Philippines. It was all clean outplays from ONIC even from the start at the draft as the team pulled out the surprise Luo Yi pick. The hero hasn’t been in the meta for quite some time but as one of coach Patrick “E2MAX” Caidic’s signature picks back in the day, it’s clear that ONIC has more surprises waiting up their sleeve.

In the end, it’s both current and former world champions AP.Bren and ECHO sitting at the top. Right below them is a tight race of evenly matched teams. This is still only the start of MPL PH S13 and it can only get better from here!

Banner photo by Moonton Games.

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