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It’s In The Details: Golf Accessories That Just Make Sense

The need for more golf equipment feels never ending. And while the list of golf accessories is long, these are the ones worth considering.

The list of golf equipment just never ends. Even after you buy your clubs, bag, shoes, and balls, it always feels like there’s more you need. We get it.

But even if you prefer to play with the bare minimum, we do think there are certain accessories that can make life easier. Here are a few that just make sense.


Let’s start with an obvious one: a rangefinder. If you’ve been hitting the course regularly, this is one of the golf accessories probably top of your shopping list if you don’t already own one.

Golf rangefinders are used to measure the distance between you and your target. Much like a telescope, looking through a rangefinder magnifies your target and will tell you exactly how far away it is.

Although the flag markers on a course are also useful tools in helping you estimate the same distance, a rangefinder helps you stay accurate. And when you have a more accurate figure in your head, this will definitely help you decide how to hit the ball and even which club to use.

Plus, it’s small and convenient to bring around. Why wouldn’t you want one if it could help you have a better day?

Alignment sticks

Whether you’re a beginner still learning the best way to swing or an advanced player sharpening your skillset, alignment sticks are a must-have.

Golf alignment sticks are exactly what they sound like. They are thin sticks, typically made of plastic, that are made to help you stay aligned with your target. Alignment sticks are most commonly used at driving ranges. They are placed on the ground and pointed towards your target so that you can clearly visualize where to hit.

There are a handful of other drills wherein alignment sticks are used.

Alignment sticks are some of the most useful golf accessories to have. While not a necessity, it definitely is an asset that will help you improve your swing path, aim, and consistency.

Golf headcovers

We all know that golf clubs do not come cheap. So if you have a complete set, keeping your clubs protected with headcovers is worth the extra purchase.

Golf headcovers do exactly what the name suggests: they cover your clubs’ heads. With that, their most obvious use is to protect your clubs from getting bruised or scratched. They also protect your clubs’ faces from taking damage that could potentially affect your shots.

But apart from the obvious reasons, headcovers also prevent your clubs from clanging against one another. Plus, they’re one of those golf accessories that can give your bag a little bit more personality. Who said golf was boring?

Golf brushes

Your golf clubs will get dirty. But that’s not a problem when you have brushes to help you keep them clean. These brushes specifically designed for clubs are usually made with brass or nylon bristles. These bristles are used to scrub the club faces to remove any dirt, especially within the grooves.

Dirt in the grooves of your club may not seem like a huge problem, but when it comes down to the details, it can change the way your ball will fly. And in golf, the devil is in the details.

Most brushes are made to be small and easy to carry around so that you can give your clubs a nice brush-up after each shot.

Hat clip ball markers

When you’re at the course with friends, you need to have a ball marker handy.

A ball marker is used to mark the position of a ball (duh). Ball markers are typically round and flat in shape and are placed on the ground behind the ball. These are used to make sure that your or your playing partners’ balls don’t interfere with your line of sight or ricochet against one another.

While you can use anything round and flat to mark your ball, like a coin, a hat clip ball marker is one of the most useful golf accessories to have.

Hat clip ball markers are ball markers that you can clip onto your cap. The market itself is usually magnetic so you can just snap it on and off your cap whenever you need it. It may seem like an unnecessary item, but they actually take away from having to remind yourself to keep a marker in your pocket at all times.

And, it can get even more fun when you customize your own ball marker.

These are just a few of the small details that you can add to your life that can make your game just a little bit better (or a lot better). What are some of your own must-haves?