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Jalen Green in MNL: Highlights from the JG4 Manila Tour

Jalen Green just spent the last weekend in the Philippines. We’ve got all the highlights of the JG4 Manila Tour right here.

We don’t know what you did over the weekend, but we certainly know what NBA player Jalen Green was up to. Thanks to adidas Philippines, the country was graced by his presence for a few days.

From Friday to Sunday, the Houston Rockets player was in the Philippines, playing games, immersing himself in our culture, and learning about the country first-hand.

This was all part of adidas Philippines’ JG4 Manila Tour. Although we know it was an exclusive event, we’ve got the highlights of the entire weekend here for you.

Chatting with Jalen

One of the best parts of the JG4 Manila Tour was getting face time with an NBA rising star like Jalen Green. Throughout his stay, lucky guests were given the chance to learn more about the Houston Rockets guard.

The JG4 Manila Tour marked Green’s third time visiting the country, and from the sounds of it, it may not be his last. “It feels great to come back as an NBA player,” he shared, “I love it. It’s the best out here. I can’t get enough of it.”

Jalen Green in Manila

We loved hearing Green’s warm words for the country. But our favorite part of getting to witness the basketball player was when host, DJ Suzy, had him translate a series of Tagalog words.

And he certainly impressed the crowd with how many words he was able to translate, like masaya (happy), buhok (hair), takbo (run), and yakap (hug).

But it wasn’t just Jalen treating us with his stories, his knowledge of Filipino culture, and his personality. Apart from all that, the Filipino crowd themselves were able to treat Jalen too.

Treating Jalen

In the One of One Tribute – Manila Culture Experience that adidas Philippines hosted as part of the JG4 Manila Tour, Jalen Green got to immerse himself in some aspects of Filipino street culture.

The One of One Tribute – Manila Culture Experience.

The adidas Philippines team had a lot in store for Jalen. The Manila Culture Experience featured rows of sports cars, a streetball court surrounded by graffiti, and a mural made by Quiccs and Egg Fiasco. Plus, they even treated Jalen to a joy ride in a customized JG4 sports car.

If you ask us, it certainly looked like the NBA player fit right into the Filipino street culture.

Jalen Green pulling up to the Manila Experience.

But apart from adidas Philippines’ art installations, car collections, and sneaker talks for Jalen Green, the visitors there to see him were able to treat him with gifts of their own as well.

Jalen Green in Manila.
Jalen Green in Manila.

“I just come out here, get so much love, so much attention, and so many gifts,” Jalen expressed last Friday, “it’s really a blessing.”

Playing with Jalen

Of course, as an NBA player, Jalen Green had to play some basketball while in Manila. So, the day after the One of One Tribute, the adidas One Basketball team got the chance to play with the shooting guard.

And we’re sure that there must have been some fighting over who would get to guard the six-foot-four shooter.

Jalen Green in Manila.
Jalen Green in Manila.

With the open run, a select group of people was lucky enough to witness Jalen Green’s skills on the court with their own eyes. And rumor has it, he doesn’t disappoint.

But, even though the open run with Green looked enviable, we’re still partial to the game he played in Ilocos Sur.

Exploring his heritage

The JG4 Manila Tour capped off with a visit to his mother’s home province, Ilocos Sur. But even though it was just a short trip, the adidas Philippines team was able to make it as special as they could.

First, they took Jalen on a heritage walk in Calle Cirsologo, Vigan. This is his mother’s hometown, and it was the NBA player’s first time getting to see the sights in person.

Plus, he did it in style.

While on this tour, Jalen was even treated to the famous Ilocos empanada from Casa Jardin Empanada. And having Filipino food is one of the player’s favorite things to do while in the Philippines.

“The food is amazing. I can’t complain about the food. Any good food is good food,” he shared.

After Green was able to enjoy himself learning more about his heritage, he was able to give back to the community as well. Adidas Philippines held a short basketball clinic on one of the community basketball courts.

Giving back

Here, Jalen Green was able to play with the kids of the community, showcase his skills, and gift the kids with apparel and basketballs.

Our hearts melted at the sight of these aspiring basketball players getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play with an NBA star.

While in Manila, he expressed his belief in hard work that these kids take with them as guidance. “Anybody can get into the NBA. All around the world, it’s a worldwide league. You just have to put your mind into it, stick to the grind, don’t lose yourself in it because you have a tough day or you feel nothing’s going your way.”

Of all the amazing things that the JG4 Manila Tour brought us, this one definitely stands out. And while we enjoyed having Jalen Green in town over the weekend, we’re equally excited to see him continue growing in the NBA, representing the Filipino people.

Photos courtesy of adidas Philippines.