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Jannik Sinner

Jannik Sinner: The Most Fashionable Grand Slam Champion

There is more to Jannik Sinner’s sense of style than the custom designer bag he walks onto the court with.

Jannik Sinner is now the talk of tennis town.

After coming back from two sets down in the 2024 Australian Open men’s finals, he magnificently outlasted former US Open champion Daniil Medvedev in five long sets to win his first-ever Grand Slam title. Now standing in the limelight, the 22-year-old is yet another sign of tennis’ next generation taking over.

But Sinner is a player who is not just making himself known in the tennis world — he is also arguably one of the most stylish Grand Slam champions. Here are three ways he’s proving this.

A court staple — but make it high fashion
Jannik Sinner carrying his custom Gucci duffel bag in the 2023 Wimbledon Championships
Image from Jannik Sinner on Instagram
Custom Gucci Duffel Bag
Image from Jannik Sinner on Instagram

Tennis players almost always walk onto the court before a match carrying bags more than half their size, and typically, fans pay no mind to these bags — they are there to serve a specific function. But when Jannik Sinner walked onto Wimbledon’s Center Court in 2023, his Gucci duffel bag, with the iconic Italian monogram, turned a lot of heads — especially given the all-white rule at Wimbledon.

The up-and-comer did not seem to mind being a rule-breaker on the court. With his custom-made bag (that even had his logos printed on it), he became the first athlete to pull this kind of stunt with Gucci, marrying fashion and function. Now, it’s a part of his signature look.

This stunt not only made Sinner one of the most fashionable modern-day tennis players, but it also showed the world that sports can act as a canvas upon which many luxury brands can place their marks.

Immersed in the fashion scene
Jannik Sinner attends fashion show
Image taken from Jannik Sinner on Instagram
Jannik Sinner
Image taken from Jannik Sinner on Instagram

As a Gucci athlete — hardly a common description for tennis players — Jannik Sinner is arguably more deeply immersed in the fashion scene than others. He frequently attends fashion shows and events and meets with designers, which means that he is often exposed to the trends in the world of high fashion.

On top of this, he’s also done photoshoots with many fashion magazines and titles even before became a Grand Slam champion, doing cover stories with titles such as GQ, ICON Magazine, and Interview Magazine. And in every shoot, high fashion certainly suits him.

The best of Italian fashion
Image taken from Jannik Sinner on Instagram
Image taken from Jannik Sinner on Instagram
Image taken from Jannik Sinner on Instagram

The trends of Italian menswear rarely change because Italian fashion is not defined by fast-paced trend cycles. Instead, it’s defined by timeless, understated, and sharp clothing pieces, all of which you can easily spot in Jannik Sinner’s off-court outfits.

When the 22-year-old is not on the court, he showcases the best of Italian fashion — utilizing layers, wearing perfectly tailored jackets, sporting high-quality fabrics, and using elegant closet staples, all while looking effortlessly chic. And a little fun fact: the Gucci woolen cardigan he’s wearing while posing with his new Grand Slam trophy is worth around $3,900. Talk about celebrating luxuriously.

And yet, Sinner is still as classy and humble on the court. Having just won his first Grand Slam and being a top-ranked player at his age, the sky is the limit for this youngster right now.

Banner image from Jannik Sinner on Instagram.

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