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Just snatched: Hidilyn Diaz and her athlete-packed wedding

Hidilyn Diaz just got hitched exactly one year after her historic Olympic win. Of course, she had athletes to celebrate with her.

Hidilyn Diaz and Julius Naranjo’s wedding was all the rage these last few days. And for good reason. The venue was beautifully designed, their gown and barong made for a perfect ensemble, and their wedding date was exactly a year after Hidilyn’s historic Olympic gold-medal win.

We couldn’t get over the whole thing, either.

But of course, we can’t forget about the guest list. The athletic duo’s wedding was almost like a reunion of some of the Philippines’ best athletes.

Eumir Marcial

Filipino boxer and Olympic bronze-medalist Eumir Marcial was in attendance at the big wedding. And we absolutely love the photos he posted on his Facebook.

Image posted by Eumir Marcial on his Facebook.

It isn’t every day that we get to see an Olympic boxer who could clearly kick out butts in one go sticking his tongue out flashing the peace sign.

And perhaps a little bit of a spoiler, but do you recognize any other Olympians in this photo?

Junna Tsukii

Four-time SEA Games medalist for karate, Junna Tsukii also graced the newlyweds with her presence at the wedding, as well. And in a striking color too.

Though she looks pretty in pink, make no mistake—Junna could absolutely bring you down with her medal-winning karate moves.

Nesthy Petecio

This event truly was a reunion of the Olympians. Nesthy Petecio was yet another Olympic boxer also in attendance to celebrate the two lovebirds.

With Eumir Marcial, Nesthy Petecio, and Hidilyn Diaz herself, this wedding was well-protected from anyone who might have wanted to mess with anyone else.

Rubilen Amit

Rubilen Amit, one of the Philippines’ most decorated billiards players (she has over fifteen international medals), was another star among stars at the wedding.

Margielyn Didal

And if you were able to guess right, that was Olympic skateboarder Margielyn Didal rocking the blue suit from Eumir Marcial’s photo shown earlier.

The athletes in this photo have a total of five Olympic medals. Absolute icons.

Hidilyn and Julius certainly threw a party to be remembered, and they definitely deserve a shoutout for giving our hardworking athletes a night off to have fun and celebrate something truly special.