Kai Sotto is now among the stars represented by Wasserman

Wasserman welcomed Kai Sotto as their newest member of their agency. Representing stars like Klay Thomposon, we’re hopeful for Kai’s future.

Just last night, Wasserman Basketball welcomed Kai Sotto to their LA-based agency.

The Filipino basketball player was represented by Joel Bell throughout the leadup to the NBA draft. But, after going undrafted a few weeks ago, Sotto is now part of, as they call it, “Team Wass”.

But who is Team Wass, anyway?

Wasserman Basketball

Wasserman is an agency based in Los Angeles that represents many brands, artists, and of course, athletes. They represent athletes across all the major sports in the United States—basketball, baseball, American football, hockey, golf…the list goes on.

And even if you haven’t heard of their agency until today, we can guarantee you’ve heard of the athletes they have on Team Wass.

Here are a few of their athletes that might just get you excited about Kai’s new representation:

OKC’s Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

NBA Finalist Payton Pritchard

NBA Champion Klay Thompson

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wasserman represents even more champions, Olympians, Superbowl winners, golf pros, and a whole lot more.

We don’t know about you, but this certainly brought more than a glimmer of hope to us for Kai Sotto’s future.

Kai Sotto on Team Wass

While our hopes were high with all the headlines about Kai’s preparation for the NBA draft, we know we were all a little bit disappointed when his name didn’t get called out.

Now that Kai is a part of this star-studded Team Wass, there is a lot to be hopeful for.

Wasserman represents a lot of NBA stars, but perhaps more interesting to us, are athletes who previously went undrafted too—players like Lu Dort.

While in the past weeks following the draft, Kai Sotto’s future appeared to be up in the air—no one was sure if he was going back to the Australian NBL, coming to play for the Gilas, or entering the Summer League—it’s great to hear that he has a place among these other stars over at Wasserman.

The future is still not set in stone for our young basketball star, but our eyes are on him with support through the steps of his career.