Kairi, After a Year of Success with ONIC Esports

Kairi, After A Year of Success With ONIC Esports

The star Pinoy import has worked hard for his wins in Indonesia.

Since the inclusion of Kairi Rayosdelsol to ONIC Esports, they have been destined for the international stage at M5. The star Jungler was already a top player back when he played with Blacklist International but he truly shined when he moved to Indonesia.

‘Pag dating ko sa Indo, madali naman makisama sa kanila,” said Kairi. It’s been more than a year since he joined ONIC but it seems he jived with the team instantly. “Ang mahirap lang siguro ay yung language barrier.”

Kairi, After a Year of Success with ONIC Esports
Kairi Rayosdelsol of ONIC Esports. (Photo by Moonton Games)

The adjustment period for imports can vary depending on many circumstances with language and cultures being the biggest factors. Fortunately for Kairi, he felt quite comfortable moving into a new country. “Yung kultura nila ay parang pareho lang sa Pinas.”

Working hard for the glory

It’s been nothing but gold for ONIC since Kairi joined the team back in 2022. With the exception of the M4 World Championship, they’ve had first place finishes in every tournament or league they’ve participated in. 

You could easily attribute this success to Kairi. After all, he was the regular season and finals MVP in his debut year in Indonesia. He’d earn that honor again a year later, along with more accolades thanks to ONIC’s dominance but he knows that it’s not just him who’s performing for the team. “Lahat naman nagpapahirap po kami. Kaming lahat sa team – players, coaching staff, may naambag po kami sa team.

Kairi, After a Year of Success with ONIC Esports
ONIC Esports on their way to the M5 main stage. (Photo by Moonton Games)

And with his experience in playing both the Philippine and Indonesian scene, Kairi has a good view of what makes the regions strong. “Yung Indo, yung mga players nila ay more on mechanics,” says Kairi. “Yung mga Pinoy, sa tingin ko mentality yung number one. Kumbaga, napakatigas nung mentality ng mga Pinoy.”

Now with Kairi and ONIC competing in M5, they have a chance to correct the blemish of their M4 run. As the tournament favorites, they look set to cap off their year of victories with a World Championship.

Banner photo by Moonton Esports.

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