Week two of MSI playoffs

Korea and China are Set to Clash in the Final Week of MSI 2023!

Things are coming to a head with two titan regions finally facing each other this MSI 2023.

The stage has been set for the final week of the League of Legends MSI 2023 as only six teams remain. 

After half a month of waiting, the world will now get to see the two strongest teams from the two strongest regions battle it out in the upper bracket.

Korea’s T1 has been an absolute powerhouse but has found itself stumbling over the finish line in past tournaments. On the other hand, JD Gaming has done nothing but dominate in their home region of China and looks to continue that trend heading into the last week of the MSI 2023 playoffs.

Meanwhile in the lower bracket, North America’s Cloud9 and Europe’s G2 Esports are ready to play spoiler and snatch the MSI 2023 title for themselves. They’ll have to get past Korea’s Gen.G Esports and China’s Bilibili Gaming who are looking to exact their revenge on their countrymen who sent them down there in the first place.

Want to catch the final week of MSI? Check out their official Youtube and Twitch channels.

Banner photo from the LoL Esports Twitter.

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