Infinix Note 30 5G Chief Gaming Officers

Let’s Get To Know More About the Infinix NOTE 30 5G’s Chief Gaming Officers

To be a NOTE 30 5G Chief Gaming Officer, you have to be a true gamer.

When we introduced the Infinix NOTE 30 5G, we also introduced their Mobile Legends Chief Gaming Officers. And while they are well-known in the gaming community, we wanted to find out more about them.

Kristine Santamena, Miguel Tanfelix, Cherizawa, and Yskela Fujimoto live fast-paced lives but they are still gamers at heart. They play Mobile Legends for the same reasons we play it. 

If that sounds unbelievable to you, then don’t let us be the ones to convince you. We asked the four Chief Gaming Officers about their Mobile Legends origins, what they love about the game and their heroes, and the advantage the NOTE 30 5G brings to mobile gaming.

What made you start playing Mobile Legends?
Infinix Note 30 5G Chief Gaming Officer: Miguel

MIGUEL: “I started playing mobile games ever since I was young. That’s why when I heard about Mobile Legends from my brother, I downloaded it immediately. I was really focused on playing it since I became competitive, especially if kasama ko mga friends ko.”

KRISTINE: “I started playing Mobile Legends because it was the game that I wanted to play even before I entered the streaming world… I remember that I was up all night during that time because I really wanted to be good at the game, even playing until the morning because I wanted to give my best in everything that I do.”

YSKELA: “I started playing out of boredom lang and then super na-hook na ako because all of my friends play din. I’m kinda competitive. So parang 50/50.”

CHERIZAWA: “I’m really a fan of MOBA games and a lot of people were talking about it back in 2017 so I gave it a try. At first, it was a hobby, then it became competitive because I wanted to be better than my friends and reach a higher rank than them.”

Why did you pick your hero to represent you?
Infinix Note 30 5G Chief Gaming Officer: Kristine

KRISTINE: “Actually one of my favorite heroes in Mobile Legends is Lunox. She is very flexible in terms of her role. She can be a mid mage and also a core.”

Every hero in ML has their own origin story. That’s why I really like Lunox, because she has one of the best character stories in the game. One of my favorite lines that she says is ‘I’m willing to sacrifice myself, for this world I love,’ which I deeply admire and respect.”

MIGUEL: “When choosing heroes that I use, I usually check the skill set. I like skills na you need ‘diskarte’ when using it so I really enjoy playing Zilong. As a competitive person, nakikita ko sarili ko kay Zilong, na mahilig mag-push and fight para manalo sa game.”

YSKELA: “I love playing the support role and playing the support that heals. A lot of people say that I’m a nurturer — I thrive when the people around me need me so maybe that’s why I’m attracted to Estes and Rafaela.”

CHERIZAWA: “It’s the first Hero that you use when you start playing ML. I see Layla as a simple Hero but her potential is huge, from a slow start to a strong finish. It’s like my story when I started my streaming career.”

What’s your longest winning or losing streak?
Infinix Note 30 5G Chief Gaming Officer: Ysakela

YSKELA: “I can’t remember my longest, pero nangyari na sa akin ‘yung whole day na laro and then puro panalo. 

My favorite part is that I get to bond with my friends!”

MIGUEL: “17-18 winning streak, 5-6 losing streak.

My favorite part about playing the game is nalalabas ko ang pagiging madiskarte at pagiging competitive ko.”

KRISTINE: “My longest win streak was around 20+ wins. I usually play with my team and we always try our best to be synchronized and coordinated. Our longest losing streak was around 5 loses and that’s when we take a breather and play again after a few hours.

My favorite part about this game is that I really enjoy it and it is my stress reliever. It makes me happy, and I am able to bring that joy to my viewers whenever I stream Mobile Legends.”

CHERIZAWA: “My longest win streak is 15, and my lose streak is around 7. Once my history is flooded with red, I take a pause and make sure I win the next game.

What’s your favorite part about playing? How about your longest winning or losing streak?
Infinix Note 30 5G Chief Gaming Officer: Cherizawa

CHERIZAWA: “A powerful phone is everything in ML, you can single-handedly win a game or create a huge impact with it. I could have used an ultra-fast phone like the NOTE 30 5G back when I started playing. For sure I would have ranked up faster, always carry my team, and avoid those losing streaks.”

So if you don’t take it from us, take it from these well-known gamers themselves — a good quality phone means good quality gaming that you can purely enjoy.

MIGUEL: “Super important ang phone para hindi mag-lag yung game and syempre para hindi masira ang adrenaline and momentum mo when playing. That’s why I’m super happy with the new Infinix NOTE 30 5G kasi sure ako with its ultra-fast 5G gaming speed.”

KRISTINE: “The phone that I use really plays a big role since it’s very important to have a lag-free game and long battery life. My gaming experience became smoother when I used the NOTE 30 5G. It helps keep me focused, giving me a cool head while playing.”

YSKELA: “Having a good quality phone like the Infinix NOTE 30 5G is very important ‘pag naglalaro ka ng games kasi it will give you the advantage sa mga graphics pa lang.”

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Images courtesy of Infinix.

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