Highlights from the M5 World Championship Gala

LOOK: Highlights From The M5 World Championship Gala

No one’s said that the calm before the storm can’t be filled with fun and festivities.

Last November 30, just before the biggest tournament of the year, our competitors took some time to have fun and relax at the M5 World Championship Gala. Just like with the MSC Gala earlier this year, this is a time for players to unwind, mingle, and enjoy their stay here in the Philippines.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a gala if the attendees didn’t have a chance to show off some style. From traditional garbs to more formal fashion, all the players came in dressed to impress.

M5 World Championship Gala
Myanmar’s Burmese Ghouls attend the gala wearing the Philippines’ traditional Barong Tagalog as a sign of respect and solidarity. (Photo credit: Mobile Legends Esports)
M5 World Championship Gala
Saudi Arabia’s Triple Esports walks down the red carpet. (Photo credit: Mobile Legends Esports)
M5 World Championship Gala
MPL Philippine champions AP.Bren entered the gala in style. (Photo credit: Mobile Legends Esports)
Blacklist International
Blacklist International was for sure wearing the sharpest suits in the whole gala. (Photo credit: Blacklist International)

And since the gala was streamed live, the fans had a lot to say about the players’ choice of attire. They were given the opportunity to vote for who was the best-dressed team and player for the evening. With the winners chosen, you can be the judge of the fans’ sense of style.

Rocking the Night Away

Throughout the evening, our international players participated in games and activities. Esports doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, and if there’s one thing Pinoys know what to do, it’s how to have fun.

M5 World Championship Gala
The players take on the Passport Pose Challenge. (Photo credit: Mobile Legends Esports)
M5 World Championship Gala
Even the casters had to join in on the fun. (Photo credit: Mobile Legends Esports)
M5 World Championship Gala
Throughout the evening players were visiting the tables of other teams to get their team logos stamped on their M5 gala passports. (Photo credit: Mobile Legends Esports)

It was an evening of laughter and camaraderie as international competitors got the time to know each other as people. After all, they are still just players and fans of Mobile Legends.

You can relive the M5 World Championship Gala on the MPL Philippines YouTube channel.

Banner photo from Mobile Legends Esports.

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