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LOOK: Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s Luxury ‘Kingdom Suite’ in Saudi Arabia

After a record-breaking transfer to the Saudi Arabian football Club, Al Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo and his family will be staying in the Four Seasons Riyadh’s ‘Kingdom Suite’, which costs £250,000 a month.

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo ended 2022 with a historic announcement. After departing from his former club Manchester United, the Portuguese forward announced that he was signing with the Saudi Arabian team, Al Nassr.

The deal allows him to earn £175 million a year.

“I’m so proud to make this big decision in my life. In Europe, my work is done. I won everything and played for the most important clubs in Europe. This is a new challenge,” Ronaldo shared in an interview following the announcement.

He wasted no time and has already been training with his new club.

And, to accommodate his move to Saudi Arabia, he and his family have moved into the Four Seasons Riyadh. Here, they will be staying in the ‘Kingdom Suite,’ which is the luxury hotel’s newest two-story suite, spanning the 48th and 50th floors.

From Four Seasons Riyadh on Instagram.
Ronaldo’s new crib

The Four Seasons Riyadh is one of the most expensive hotels in Saudi Arabia. Of course, given that Cristiano Ronaldo has become the highest-paid footballer in the world from his deal with Al Nassr, the hotel’s price tag must not be much of a concern for him.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Kingdom Suite’ where he, his girlfriend, and their kids will be living for the foreseeable future, costs around £250,000 per month (equivalent to around PHP 16.7 million).

For this price, Ronaldo will be living in a two-story suite that has 17 rooms and spans through the 48th and 50th floors. In addition, his family will also be able to make use of the hotel’s many amenities.

The Kingdom Suite’s private office.

For instance, they have access to daily buffet breakfasts, complimentary access to a private bar, and dedicated attendant service.

The Suite is also located in the Kingdom Tower of the Four Seasons, which is one of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia.

With this, Ronaldo and his family will also be able to enjoy incredible views of the city from the comfort of their luxury suite.

While the Kingdom Suite certainly matches Cristiano Ronaldo’s lavish lifestyle, reports suggest that his stay in the Four Seasons is only temporary. As his contract with Al Nassr lasts until 2025, he will be finding a more permanent place to settle down in the country.

Images from Four Seasons Riyadh. Banner images from Four Seasons Riyadh and SportBible.

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