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Alex Eala wearing Nike activewear

LOOK: Nike Customizes Alex Eala Kicks to Commemorate US Open Victory

Grand Slam Champ Alex Eala revealed the newest addition to her kicks collection: A custom pair of Nike Air Force 1s that commemorate her historic US Open Victory.

Filipina tennis ace Alex Eala made history for the Philippines last September when she won the 2022 US Open Juniors title, as she became the country’s first-ever singles Grand Slam champion.

It has now been months since her victory, and we still can’t get over it. And by the looks of it, neither can Nike.

Earlier today, Alex Eala shared a post with her Facebook followers showing off her newest Nike Air Force 1s. However, they aren’t just like your AF1s — they have been customized by Team Nike themselves with designs to commemorate Eala’s historic triumph.

Custom Kicks for the Champ

Taking a closer look at Alex’s new kicks, you’ll notice symbols on the shoe that represent different elements of her success.

The right heel of the shoe shows the silhouette of the US Open Trophy with the number 22 on it, to symbolize the year she won her first singles Grand Slam title. On the other side, the left heel showcases the Philippine flag, which Eala never fails to represent with pride.

The US Open trophy is printed on Alex Eala's new pair of Nike Air Force 1s
Alex shows off the US Open trophy printed on her new pair of Nike Air Force 1s. (Photo credit: Alex Eala on Facebook)

In addition to these features, Nike also used two different colors for their logos on the shoe — red on the left and blue on the right — to represent our national colors.

But Team Nike didn’t just gift her a new set of custom kicks. By the looks of her Facebook post, the brand also gifted Eala a custom red bag.

The same symbols are printed on the outside of the bag, along with her name in full, ‘Alexandra Eala.’ But when opened, there was another special surprise for the Filipina.

Nike gifts Alex Eala a custom-made bag that commemorates the scoreline of her US Open Victory
Nike gifts Alex Eala a custom-made bag that commemorates the scoreline of her US Open Victory. (Photo credit: Alex Eala on Facebook)

The inside of the bag, in large text, reads, “2022 US Open, 6-2, 6-4, Alexandra Eala” to commemorate the scoreline of her victory from last year.

Alex Eala has been a Nike athlete since 2019, well before her first singles Grand Slam victory. And with their support since then, the Filipina has been able to reach several milestones in her young career.

Would you cop a pair of these custom kicks?

Images from Alex Eala on Facebook.

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