LOOK: Pros Weigh In With Their Pre-Evo Street Fighter 6 Tier Lists

LOOK: Pros Weigh In With Their Pre-Evo Street Fighter 6 Tier Lists

Which character is looking like a million dollars right now?

We’re more than a month in and thousands of games of Street Fighter 6 have been played online and offline. With Street Fighter 6 about to make its Evo debut, let’s look at how the tier lists have shaped up.

Previously, professional fighting game player Kenryo “Mago” Hayashi gave his early tier list and impressions of the SF6 cast. Fast forward to today, we have fighting game legend Justin Wong giving his own tier list based on his experiences playing every character in the roster.

Justin Wong’s pre-Evo tier list (made using tiermaker.com)

It’s quite clear that the top tiers were already established at a very early stage. Luke, Guile, Cammy, Ken, Juri, and Dee Jay are all terrors with solid tournament performances. From powerful neutral tools, high damage, and excellent usage of the game’s Drive system, they have everything a character needs to dominate in SF6.

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of shuffling around in the mid-tiers. Marissa and Blanka have found themselves almost entering top-tier status thanks to the efforts of pros like Adel “Big Bird” Anouche and Saul Leonardo “ManaRD” Mena II. Some, like Ryu and Manon, have slid downward as players started learning more about their strengths and weaknesses.  

The rest sit in an “undecided” state as they still need more time to be figured out. Justin believes that characters like Chun-li and Dhalsim have what it takes to be good but they just need the right player to unlock their potential. 

Capcom Cup champion Derek “iDom” Ruffin also has his own tier list that mirrors Justin’s. The difference with him is that he thinks a lot of the mid-tiers are overhyped. Just because one or two pros do well with a character doesn’t mean that reflects the character’s actual strength.

Where’s The Wind Man?

Despite being legal to play in Evo, Rashid is missing from many Street Fighter 6-tier lists. Part of this is because of how close his release was to one of the biggest tournaments of the year. Even with two weeks of playtime put into him, many can still only speculate on where he will lie among the roster.

Current impressions place him in the middle of the pack but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens once the dust settles after Evo.

Banner images taken from the Street Fighter League webpage.

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