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The Best-Dressed Celebrities at Wimbledon 2023

LOOK: The Best-Dressed Celebrities Watching Wimbledon 2023

The celebrities at Wimbledon may be the best-dressed sports spectators of the year.

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis championship in the world. With its rich sporting history also comes a long history with fashion. This is still evident in the way the organizers still require players to dress in all-white outfits while competing, which they implemented long ago as a way to keep players from forming visible sweat patches. If this doesn’t tell you that Wimbledon cares about optics, then we’re not sure what will.

But this is a huge reason why spectators at Wimbledon dress up a little (or maybe even a lot) smarter-casual than spectators of most other sporting events. And every year, the outfits become a part of the excitement.

Here are some of the best-dressed celebrities watching Wimbledon this year.

Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc
Celebrities at Wimbledon 2023: Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc
(Photo credit: Wimbledon on Instagram)

Fresh off of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone just last weekend, Formula 1 drivers Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc are using their two-week break to become the watchers instead of the watched before they return to action at the Hungarian Grand Prix. And it’s safe to say they understood the assignment, as Pierre sports a classic double-breasted navy suit, while Charles pulls off a more relaxed linen fit for the summer weather.

Hannah Waddingham
Celebrities at Wimbledon 2023: Hannah Waddingham
(Photo credit: Hannah Waddingham on Instagram)

Hannah Waddingham’s character on Ted Lasso is known to wear form-fitting business skirts and well-pressed power suits. But even when the talented actress is in an all-white, floor-length dress, lined with flowers to match the summer, she still looks like the boss girl she is, radiating I-own-a-Premier-League-club energy.

Tom Hiddleston
Celebrities at Wimbledon 2023: Tom Hiddleston
(Photo credit: Wimbledon on Instagram)

Although there is no specific dress code for spectators at Wimbledon, they strongly encourage fans to come to the courts in smart casual outfits. And we love it when they do. Tom Hiddleston showed up wearing a navy blue pinstripe jacket over a light blue shirt. The open collar screams English summer.

Katy Perry
Celebrities at Wimbledon 2023: Katy Perry
(Photo credit: Wimbledon on Instagram)

Navy blue definitely appears to be the color of the event, as even Katy Perry came in her own outfit in the same color as Pierre Gasly and Tom Hiddleston’s suits. But, it’s the accessories on the popstar that we’re loving. With her cat-eye sunglasses, her neckerchief, and her slicked-back ponytail, she was the definition of chic among the celebrities at Wimbledon.

David Beckham
Celebrities at Wimbledon 2023: David Beckham
(Photo credit: Wimbledon on Instagram)

When speaking of the best-dressed celebrities at Wimbledon, David Beckham makes the list yearly, and without ever changing too much. The English football icon always comes to watch from courtside wearing the same ensemble: a well-fitted suit-and-tie combo. And every year, he never misses, proving that classics are classics for a reason.

Kate Middleton
Celebrities at Wimbledon 2023: Kate Middleton
(Photo credit: Wimbledon on Instagram)

We cannot go without honoring the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, arguably Wimbledon’s best-dressed figure every year. This year, she walked into the Royal Box wearing an 80s-inspired mint green blazer, along with a white midi skirt — a perfect ode to the colors of the historic tennis championship.

Which of the celebrities watching Wimbledon had the best outfit in your opinion?

Banner image from Wimbledon on Instagram.

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