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LOOK: These UAAP players pregamed wearing their Halloween spirit

Halloween may have already passed, but it still got pretty spooky at the Mall of Asia Arena yesterday, November 2. Right before all the on-court action took place at the four straight UAAP basketball games, the players walked into the Arena as usual. Most dressed in streetwear, one dressed in a suit (guess who).

But, some were still sporting their Spooky Season Spirit. So for those of you who were consumed in the on-court drama of the second round, we got you.

AJ Madrigal
UAAP Player AJ Madrigal

At first glance, it looked like UP Fighting Maroon AJ Madrigal came into the MOA Arena like any other game day. But focusing on his color choices—pink top, orange shorts, white shoes, purple backpack—we realized what he was going for.

Dressed as Dora The Explorer, he was definitely searching for that team win yesterday. And with their big win over Adamson, we wonder if after the game he yelled out, “We did it!” in true Dora fashion.

Brix Ramos
UAAP Player Brix Ramos

Looks like it AJ wasn’t the only Fighting Maroon sporting a famous character yesterday. We wonder if dressing like Forrest Gump made Brix Ramos feel extra quick on his feet yesterday.

We certainly hope that his teammates and coaches didn’t miss the opportunity to order him to “Run, Brix, run!”

Guess who!
UAAP Player Zavier Lucero

Can you guess who’s under the sheet parading through the Mall of Asia Arena tunnel like a ghost?

It was another UP Fighting Maroon: Zavier Lucero. His costume definitely gave us the biggest shock.

BONUS: Atty. Rebo Saguisag

It wasn’t only the players who had fun yesterday, however. UAAP Executive Director Atty. Rebo Saguisag also showed up in his spookiest look.

UAAP Executive Director Atty. Rebo Saguisag

With Halloween already passed, it must have been creepy seeing the Joker walking around the Mall of Asia Arena, watching over the UAAP games. And if he spooked anyone in the crowd, we’re wondering: could he have gotten in the minds of any of the players?

All jokes aside, it was a great way to welcome round two of the UAAP Season 85 basketball tournament. With a month left until we advance with the final four, our athletes are surely keeping it interesting, both on and off the court.