Street Fighter 6 Onitsuka Tiger

LOOK: You Can Now Wear This Iconic Sneaker Brand on Street Fighter 6!

It’s important to look cool, even when fighting in the streets.

Celebrating the recent launch of Street Fighter 6, the game developers have teamed up with Japanese sneaker brand Onitsuka Tiger to bring you special shoes that you can wear in-game and in real life.

This is the second time the two are working together following their work on 2019’s Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.

Players who log in to Street Fighter 6 can get a set of four Onitsuka Tiger-inspired gear for free. One of them is a pair of specially designed ENDACTUS shoes, made specifically for Street Fighter 6.

With this collaboration, you can equip this gear on your own fully customizable avatars that you can then bring into the Battle Hub, where you can walk around and meet, play, and fight with other player avatars to your heart’s content.

Onitsuka Tiger x Street Fighter 6 ENDACTUS model
The special ENDACTUS collab design also comes in yellow (photo credit: Onitsuka Tiger)

Special T-shirts featuring Street Fighter 6 characters Chun-Li and Kimberly wearing iconic Onitsuka Tiger shoes are available digitally (in-game) and physically on the Capcom store. Additional collab items featuring the art of Thai manga artist Wisut Ponnimit have also been released by Onitsuka Tiger. 

Onitsuka Tiger x Street Fighter 6 featuring Wisut Ponnimit
(photo credit: Onitsuka Tiger Magazine)

These items will be up for grabs in Street Fighter 6 till June 30. Fortunately, that’s also the day when the special ENDACTUS collaboration design will be available for purchase, so there is a lot to look forward to!

Banner images from Onitsuka Tiger Magazine.

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