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Manly Active Support Gear

Manly: Your One-Stop Shop For Everything You Need to Get Moving

Looking for protective gear for your workouts? Manly Active Support Gear has your back as your one-stop shop for everything support.

No matter what kind of sport you play, workout routine you follow, or form of movement you practice it’s never a bad idea to give your body the support it needs.

This is what Filipino homegrown activewear brand Manly believes in — because seeking support is a form of strength that every athlete or fitness enthusiast should have as a habit. And this is a belief they have been pushing for decades.

Manly has been an advocate for physical support since 1973 when founder Gobind Sitlani saw an opportunity to promote locally made goods that benefit athletes and fitness lovers. Their first-ever product was the Supporter without Brief, now an iconic piece among their wide range of support gear.

50 years later, and Manly has grown and expanded to many different forms of protective gear: from helmets to ankle supports, and everything in between, with all their products proudly made right here in the Philippines.

They are here to support every part of you, from head to toe (literally). Here’s how.

Supporting your movement
Manly Active Support Gear
Manly Active Support Gear has everything you need for your workouts, from protective gear to athleisure wear.

Ever since Manly first launched its Adults Supporters to provide adequate support for men who engage in sports or exercise, the Filipino brand has greatly expanded over the last 50 years.

From compression gear to back support belts; from athleisure wear to helmets; and from gloves to joint supports, Manly has nearly everything you’ll need for any form of movement all in one place.

Manly Active Support Gear
Manly specializes in protective and compression wear.
Manly Active Support Gear
Manly’s protective wear makes sure that you can get the most out of every workout.

Manly’s supportive gear is especially important for those who may be recovering from an injury, injury-prone, or testing out a new sport, as their bestselling items include their orthopedic products such as their Lumbosacral Supporter or their Open Patella Knee Supporter.

Whatever it is you need to support your journey in movement, you can find it on Manly.

Enhancing your movement
Manly Active Support Gear
Enhance your movements with Manly’s collection of workout equipment.
Manly Active Support Gear
Manly has a wide selection of equipment to strengthen every part of your body.

While they are known for providing support, Manly is also here to help you enhance your entire workout routine.

Apart from their supportive gear, their wide range of products now also includes various pieces of exercise equipment, such as ab rollers, resistance bands, push-up bars, and jump ropes. With everything they have to offer the Filipino market, Manly showcases their commitment to helping you achieve your best self!

Filipino craftsmanship you can rely on
Manly Active Support Gear
Made with the best Filipino craftsmanship, you can easily rely on Manly’s collection of gear.

As one of the first Filipino brands to specialize in supportive gear, Manly has been in the Philippine market for 50 years now, not just through the products they sell, but also through their entire production process.

All of Manly’s high-quality gear is proudly manufactured locally in their warehouse in Taguig. In fact, they even go the extra mile of sourcing all their fabrics from local suppliers to truly showcase the incredible products that are made through Filipino craftsmanship.

With 50 years (and counting) of expertise, you can be certain that when you go to Manly for support, you’re getting trustworthy products that you can rely on. Manly has got your back so that you can simply do you.

Check out all of Manly’s gear on their website, Facebook, and Instagram to get the support you need!

Images courtesy of Manly.

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