Meet Lapu-Lapu, The First MLBB Filipino Hero

Meet Lapu-Lapu, The First MLBB Filipino Hero

A little different from what the history books show us but he sure does look heroic.

If you need solid proof of how intertwined MLBB is with the Philippines, then look no further than Lapu-Lapu, the game’s first Filipino hero. Wielding the Twinblades of Valor, Lapu-Lapu leads the Dorik people as they fight to protect their home from foreign invaders.

Meet Lapu-Lapu, The First MLBB Filipino Hero
Lapu-Lapu’s 2020 redesign. This new look replaced his 2017 artwork and in-game model. (Image by MOONTON Games)

That’s a little on the nose, isn’t it?

But that seems to be the entire point of Lapu-Lapu. First introduced to MLBB in 2017, it was safe to say that Filipino fans were immediately attracted to the hero. After all, there’s not much Filipino representation in video games, let alone one based on our national hero.

His backstory is what you’d expect as well. In the southeast archipelago of the Vonetis Islands, in the Perlas region, Lapu-Lapu was a Dorik warrior without a peer. Eventually, he grew tired of the constant wars the Dorik tribes waged with one another and decided to retire to his home and lead a quiet life.

That is until the Moniyan Empire began a campaign of conquest in the Vonetis Islands. Lapu-Lapu was hesitant at first but after witnessing the cruelty of the Moniyans he picked up his blades once again to help liberate the islands that he calls home.

Meet Lapu-Lapu, The First MLBB Filipino Hero
A fan holds up a sign with Lapu-Lapu’s hero selection quote during the M5 World Championship grand finals in the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. (Photo from MOONTON Games)
Fighting as the Legendary Filipino Warrior

As amusing as his backstory is, it gets even wilder when you see how he plays. Since we don’t have any records on how Lapu-Lapu actually fought, the MLBB developers decided to take full creative freedom with the Filipino hero. 

First, he has a passive ability that gives him a protective shield the more he attacks enemies. His first active skill is that he can throw his swords forward and have them return to him like boomerangs while his second has him dash forward and damage all enemies in his way. Then there’s his ultimate ability, which combines his two blades into one colossal sword which gives him enhanced combat abilities.

Meet Lapu-Lapu, The First MLBB Filipino Hero
Concept art of Lapu-Lapu’s 2020 redesign. The sword on the left is the one he uses during his ultimate ability and yes, it’s actually that big. (Image by MOONTON Games)

Obviously, this is all to make Lapu-Lapu fit with the extreme fantasy elements present in MLBB. You’ve got robots, monsters, and literal gods running around the Land of Dawn so Lapu-Lapu needs to be more than just a simple tribal warrior to put up a fight. Which, in all honesty, works really well with how popular he is.

It’s also worth noting that Lapu-Lapu is the first MLBB hero to be based on a historical figure. He even has some spoken dialog in Tagalog, which shows that there was care and attention to his inclusion. 

Meet Lapu-Lapu, The First MLBB Filipino Hero
Lapu-Lapu’s Adlaw’s Chosen skin in MLBB. (Image by MOONTON Games)

Lapu-Lapu is an icon among Filipinos and his becoming a hero in MLBB only furthered his legendary status. Even with a cheeky reimagining, he still evokes the nobility and strength that we’ve come to know from our national hero.

Banner image by MOONTON Games.

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