Micophobia, Eruption, and Dogie Talk About the Future of the MPL

Micophobia, Eruption, and Dogie Talk About the Future of the MPL

Former pros Micophobia, Dogie, and Eruption tell us about what it’s like to watch the MPL as one of the crowd.

It’s always a good time when ex-pros and mega-fans make their way to live games. That’s what we got when former Nexplay EVOS players Karl “Micophobia” Quitlong, Naser “Dogie” Mollazehi, and former rugby union player Eric “Eruption” Tai were enjoying the games played during the opening weekend of the MPL PH.

The three were able to sit down and spend some time with the media to share their thoughts about the league and what it’s like to be the ones watching the pros play this time around.

Dogie is the MPL’s second Hall of Legends inductee. He’s had a long and storied career playing for Nexplay EVOS and wanted to support the organization now that they rebranded into Minana EVOS. His visit also had another purpose: to show the aspiring Mobile Legends pros he was with what professional level is all about.

Micophobia, Eruption, and Dogie Talk About the Future of the MPL
Naser “Dogie” Mollazehi. (Photo by Moonton Games)

“My goal here is to [show to the] grassroots na ito ‘yung dream niyo, ito ‘yung big stage. If you work hard, play hard, and sacrifice things na ipupuso mo talaga, dito kayo mapupunta.” Dogie has been around since the early years of Mobile Legends and knows the difficulties of becoming a pro. There are many challenges on the road to pro but he wants to instill a lesson into these young players. “There are no excuses; these players that are competing right now… may problema din ‘yan katulod niyo, pero sila go pa din. They work hard for it.” 

Micophobia, Eruption, and Dogie Talk About the Future of the MPL
Karl “Micophobia” Quitlong. (Photo by Moonton Games)

Micophobia is also a former EVOS player but now he’s been recruited by Smart Omega as a talent. It’s a role that he’s happy to take on as he gets to poke fun at the other remaining veterans like Omega’s Patrick “E2MAX” Caidic, who’s currently away in Indonesia. “Pinalitan nila yung unlucky charm with the lucky charm,” Micophobia says with a grin as Omega won their opening game.

Eruption is an EVOS fan through and through and couldn’t miss their first game of the season. Unfortunately, it was a loss and he thinks it’s because the team lacks synergy and needs more time to develop. The 10-man roster could be key to this process as it might be what lights a fire in the players to step up, “This is the professional level. You gotta step up otherwise you’re going to get replaced. I hope the boys understand that, but not to the extent they get intimidated. They need to give it their all.”

Micophobia, Eruption, and Dogie Talk About the Future of the MPL
Eric “Eruption” Tai. (Photo by Moonton Games)

As a rugby player, Eruption knows that teamwork is paramount if a team wants to succeed. That kind of trust can only come from the right environment and mindset. “You need more positivity in team sports… they need to know how to work with each other, and talk to each other like they’re bros. They need more of that.”

When asked if he would ever try teaching the EVOS team how to play rugby, he gave a playful smile. Eruption liked the idea, but he would need to teach them the basics before they can play a real game.

The MPL PH Experience and Beyond

Overall, Micophobia, Eruption, and Dogie enjoyed their time as part of the MPL PH crowd. “Nakaka-adik manood, nakakatuwa,” said Dogie and promises to return to watch more of EVOS’ games. Micophobia and Eruption share the same sentiments as they know their presence not only hypes up the crowd but the players as well.

Looking forward to the M5 World Championships later this December, all three agreed that AP.Bren was a shoo-in for the Philippines. The real question was who would be the second team representing the country with them.

(Photo by Keith Medrano/Moonton Games)

As for Indonesia’s claims that the Philippine era of Mobile Legends is over, Dogie has a simple response. “Sapakan na lang sa labas!

In all seriousness, Dogie believes that Indonesia earned the right to talk trash since they won the Southeast Asia Cup. But he also says that just because they’re the best today, doesn’t mean that’ll be true tomorrow.

As for Eruption, he has a challenge for Indonesia: “Try nila mag-form ng team na walang Pilipino!”

Banner photo by Moonton Games.

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