Million-Dollar Glitz & Glamor: Highlights From The MSC 2024 Gala

To celebrate one of the biggest esports events of the year, these MLBB players got to enjoy a night out in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It’s the eve of the first million-dollar tournament in MLBB history — there’s a lot at stake for all the competing teams. But, that doesn’t mean the players can’t have some fun at the MSC 2024 gala. As part of their ‘See the World’ theme, the MSC gala gives everyone a chance to mingle and relax. 

Previously, the event was limited to only teams from the Southeast Asia regions. That changed last year when teams beyond SEA were given the opportunity to play in the much-lauded tournament. Now, MSC 2024 goes even further beyond with the tournament itself being held outside SEA for the very first time.

The MSC 2024 gala was an event to be remembered and we’ve picked out a few highlights of the event.

Highlights From the MSC 2024 Gala
C9’s Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun (center left) and Xianyou Gaming’s Sour “CHMA” Mara (center right) have a chat with an MSC interpreter. (Photo from Esports World Cup)
Highlights From the MSC 2024 Gala
Chinese team KeepBest Gaming strike a pose on the red carpet. Even though they were eliminated in the Wildcard tournament they can still have some fun in the MSC 2024 gala. (Photo from Mobile Legends Esports)
Highlights From the MSC 2024 Gala
The multiple onsite casters and hosts of MSC 2024. The event will be broadcasted in multiple languages which include Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia, Portuguese, and Chinese. (Photo from Esports World Cup)
Highlights From the MSC 2024 Gala
Liquid ECHO’s Alston “Sanji” Pabico (left) and Sanford Vinuya (right) keep it cool in Riyadh with their Team Liquid-themed Filipiniana wear. (Photo from Liquid ECHO)
Highlights From the MSC 2024 Gala
Falcons AP.Bren looking real sharp at the MSC 2024 gala. (Photo from Bren Esports)

Banner photo from Esports World Cup.

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