Nets Is Feeling Good With HomeBois This MSC 2024

From the middle of the pack to the biggest international stage, Nets is right at home with HomeBois.

Kenneth “Nets” Barro has had quite the turn in his career now that he’s playing with HomeBois in MSC 2024. The Filipino import sat through several sixth place finishes in MPL PH before switching over to the second best team in Malaysia and helping them crush the MSC Wildcard tournament.

As this is the young Gold Laner’s first time competing on the international MLBB stage, he’s had to face challenges that go beyond the game. “Nagkaroon nga ako ng sakit dahil sa weather,” said Nets. “Kasi sobrang init sa labas tapos pagpasok ko ng hotel sobrang lamig!

Mundane as it may seem, it’s small things like that that can derail the performance of a lot of teams.

However, the extreme weather didn’t seem to slow down HomeBois and Nets all that much considering how well they did in the Wildcard tournament. When asked about his thoughts on the Wildcard, Nets said that “Nagkaroon kami ng momentum dahil sa Wildcard. Pero sure na kami na lalabas kami sa Wildcard so maganda rin.

Nets is Feeling Good with HomeBois This MSC 2024
HomeBois pose with their ticket to MSC 2024 at the Esports World Cup after winning the Wildcard tournament. (Photo from Esports World Cup)

All in all, Nets feels very blessed to have hit it off with HomeBois to the point that they’re contenders for MSC 2024. “Yung run ko sa PH three times sixth place ako. Tapos lumipat ako dito, tapos naka-finals kami. Di kami naging champions pero okay lang kasi nagkaroon kami ng chance sa MSC Wildcard,” says Nets as he reflects on his brief time with the team. “Maganda din yung mga teammates ko. Mabilis din ako natuto ng Bahasa kaya naging ok yung comms namin.

It’s a big step up for the formerly middle of the pack Gold Laner, one that he’s sure to make the most of.

Banner photo from Esports World Cup.

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