NXLED Chameleons join the Premier Volleyball League

New Squad, Same Passion: NXLED Chameleons Join the PVL

Despite being the newest team in the league, the NXLED Chameleons are aiming to challenge the competition in the Premier Volleyball League.

The Premier Volleyball League’s (PVL) rise can be measured in different ways. You can see it in the growing crowds attending games, the major sponsors supporting the league, and of course, in new teams who want to get in on the action themselves. And this year, the PVL is getting a new set of competitors: the NXLED Chameleons.

The NXLED Chameleons is the newest team that will be joining the PVL in the second All-Filipino Conference kicking off this October. This new squad will be the 12th professional team in the league.

While this is a new name that fans still have yet to get to know, NXLED is actually the second PVL team of Akari Lighting and Technology Corporation, which also owns the Akari Power Chargers.

“We would like to thank the PVL for accepting NXLED as the newest team in the country’s only professional volleyball league. We hope to build a competitive NXLED team and also look forward to having a stronger partnership with Ricky Palou and the whole PVL organization,” Akari sports director Russel Balbacal expressed in a statement announcing the new team.

More competition, more opportunities
Akari Power Chargers in the Premier Volleyball League

Akari is not the first company to bring in two sister teams in the PVL. Other sister teams in the league include the Creamline-Choco Mucho, Chery Tiggo-Foton, and PDLT-Cignal rivalries.

“We are committed to forming a very competitive team in this new endeavor of ours because this is not just a one-shot deal.”

Fans will certainly be pleased with this announcement, as adding a 12th team to an already highly competitive league will mean more action to enjoy throughout the upcoming conference. But, Akari notes that the joining of the NXLED Chameleons will not only add more action — they are also a mark of the growth of Philippine volleyball as a whole.

“Having a second team will help provide more jobs for players and coaches alike,” Balbacal further shared.

The NXLED Chameleons are still yet to reveal their roster of players and coaches. But one thing is for sure — when the PVL returns with the All-Filipino Conference later this year, the competition will be hot.

Images from PVL on Facebook.

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