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Nick Kyrgios and his “fine collection” worth £13,781

Nick Kyrgios made a show of himself at this year’s Wimbledon racking up three different offenses. Here’s a tally of all his fines.

If every sport has its bad-boy character, Nick Kyrgios is definitely tennis’ representative. Especially in tennis, a sport known for etiquette, he has been hailed as a controversial player for his rebellious behavior.

And in this year’s Wimbledon, the term “etiquette” seems to pass him by. Here’s a rundown of his three major fines from the tournament—let’s see how it adds up to his total winnings.

First-round antics

Nick Kyrgios opened his Wimbledon campaign definitely making a splash. In his match against Paul Jubb, Kyrgios was seen spitting in the direction of a spectator, whom he believed was “disrespecting” him.

I mean, at least he’s upfront about it. But for the act, he was fined a whopping £8,211 (PHP 550,890). But the fines don’t stop there.

Doubling down

The third-round match between Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas proved to be one of the most talked-about of the tournament. Funnily enough, it wasn’t because of their playing.

More than wanting to know who won, more people were interested in who got slapped with the bigger fine?

Both players ended up getting fined after a highly heated match. Kyrgios earned his second fine of the tournament for an “audible obscenity”, for which he’s being billed £3,300 (PHP 221,402). But, Tsitsipas actually beat him in this round.

After hitting a ball into the stands, Tsitsipas walked away with a loss along with an £8,250 fine (PHP 553,507).

So far, this brings Nick’s total to £11,511 (PHP 772,293). That’s a lot of money.

One for the road

You’d think that by now, Nick Kyrgios might have learned his lesson. But if you thought that, you’d have been wrong.

In his final match against Novak Djokovic, his frustration couldn’t have been more apparent. Kyrgios blamed one of the spectators for disrupting the match, being very specific to the umpire with the callout.

Visibly (and audibly) upset, he was hit with another £2,270 fine (PHP 152,298). His third one brings his total bill to Wimbledon up to £13,781 (PHP 924,591).

But that wasn’t even the last of his antics. After losing the chance to win his maiden Grand Slam title, Kyrgios replaced his white cap with a red one, blatantly going against the all-white Wimbledon dress code.

It was a hell of a ride indeed, Nick. But even with his three fines, the total barely scratches his prize money of £1,050,000 (PHP 70,446,367). In total, he still walks away with £1,036,219 (PHP 69,521,775). Still earning that much, it’s no wonder he was fine (get it?) breaking the rules time and time again.