On to New Heights: Optimal Athletics Inc. Opens Philippine’s First Rooftop Football Pitch

Are you ready for your first goal? Because the Cherry Turf is.

Optimal Athletics Inc. (OAI) is closing the year great for every sports enthusiast, particularly in the field of football, as the organization officially opened the country’s first-ever rooftop football pitch: the Cherry Turf. 

Left to right: The Game Founder and Publisher James Cruz, SM Venue partner representative Cecil Salva, OAI President and CEO Kevin James Olayvar, SM Venue partner representative Kai Fagara, OAI Chairman Raf Gastador

Time to huddle with your team as the Cherry Turf provides generous space where 10-12 players can roam around in its approximate total area of 1,141.87 sqm. Yes, it is quarter-sized compared to a whole, usual football pitch, but its size makes it easily manageable and ideal for intimate games with your friends and families, making it the most attractive size for players of all ages, experts or novices alike. 

Cherry Turf using FIFA-preferred producer, LIMONTA Artificial Turf
Launched on December 13, 2022, attended by key partners and representatives.

You can also never miss the FIFA-like experience when stepping into the pitch as it is utilizing the FIFA-preferred producer, LIMONTA Artificial Turf. All sides and top of the pitch are covered by high-impact nylon so you can remain worry-free, especially when the game gets intense, securing the safety of the audience enjoying watching the game from the sides. 

Kevin Olayvar demonstrating football to audience

The Cherry Turf is made possible by the President and CEO of Optimal Athletics Inc. Kevin James Olayvar, and sports enthusiast himself, Chairman Raf Gastador.

Cherry Turf is not only a dream come true for Kevin and Raf, but also a way of promoting sports and recreational activities in general. Cherry Turf is a step closer to the development of a stronger football scene in the Philippines. Through Cherry Turf, they are making the much-needed space to play football accessible, especially for people around the dense city where finding a space is quite a challenge. 

Cherry Turf launching hosted by Martie Bautista

Now that Cherry Turf is available on Level 3 of SM Cherry Shaw in Mandaluyong City, we can look forward to a series of sporting games, leagues, and events to be held on this rooftop pitch in the coming future—an exciting 2023 for everyone.

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