ONIC Breaks The Code And Becomes The 2023 MSC Champions

ONIC Breaks The Code And Becomes The 2023 MSC Champions

We got some exciting news for the M5 World Championships as well.

Indonesia is back at the top of professional Mobile Legends as they claim the title of 2023 MSC champions. ONIC Esports trumped Blacklist International 4-2, breaking the Philippines’ long chain of international domination.

ONIC proved to the world that they were hungrier than anyone in the tournament as they blew through both ECHO and Blacklist to reach the MSC trophy. Despite the loss, the Philippines had a respectable MSC run as ECHO finished in third place after an intense, full five-game series against Cambodia’s hometown heroes BURN x FLASH.

Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando was awarded the grand finals MVP. “I feel so happy since it’s been a long time since Indonesia brought home an international trophy,” said ONIC’s Roamer when asked how it felt to win MSC. As for the future, he says, “The target for us is to bring back all the international trophies to Indonesia.”

Along with the grand finals was the announcement that the Philippines will be hosting this year’s M5 World Championships which will take place later this December. M5 will also be introducing the new Wild Card format, giving emerging regions a chance to play against the best Mobile Legends teams in the world.

Want to relive the moments that made 2023 MSC champions? Check out the official MLBB eSports Youtube channel.

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