Online Fans React to the Opening Week of the MPL PH Season 12

Online Fans React to the Opening Week of the MPL PH Season 12

It’s been nothing but hype since season 12 launched.

Reactions and support for the launch of MPL PH season 12 have been spreading online like wildfire. Fans and players have taken to social media to express their excitement as the best teams in the Philippines clash. 

Understandably, some fans were louder than others. Blacklist International’s agents still come out in force, even through all the changes in the team. Kind of goes to show that you can never question the loyalty of the agents.

It all seems to be positivity and love among the fans and players in the comments sections. The spirit of sportsmanship is important after all, especially with how close some of these players and teams are. Of course, that doesn’t mean some banter among the players isn’t warranted. 

In fact, it’s only been one week but things are spicier than usual thanks to the attitudes being thrown around. 

The MPL is actually perfectly fine with players trash-talking each other — in fact, they even have guidelines on what they can and can’t do or say. Some people may find this crass, but there’s no denying that letting players express themselves can work up the crowd and build up the energy.

More than anything, fans and players are just excited to be playing again, and to see the best Mobile Legends teams in the world at work. The Philippines, and by extension the MPL PH, carries a legacy of greatness that fills any crowd watching with hype. The best Mobile Legends action can be found in season 12 of the MPL PH after all, and fans online are making that known.

Banner photo from Moonton Games.

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