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Sports you can play in Baler, Aurora

Pack Your Workout Clothes! These Are The Sports You Can Play In Baler

While surfing is definitely a no-brainer, there are other sports you can play on your next weekend trip to Baler, Aurora.

If you’re used to a highly active lifestyle, even on a relaxing vacation, you can still miss the usual physical activities you keep on your schedule. And if you’re that person who can’t simply sit still by the beach doing nothing for too long (we get it), then Baler might be the vacation spot for you.

Here are four different sports or physical activities you can do while you’re in Baler to get moving in between your lounging-by-the-pool sessions.

Extreme Sports
Extreme Sports in Baler, Aurora: ATV in Baler Moto Park
NU Bulldog Joshua Retamar enjoying the slopes at Baler Moto Park.

If you’re a fan of motorsports, your next trip to Baler could be your opportunity to finally get on a vehicle and pump your adrenaline with a visit to Baler Moto Park. Here, you can go fast and hard offroad on an ATV or a motocross bike — pick your poison.

While learning how to ride the highs and lows of the Moto Park’s dirt path might be a bit more challenging on a motocross bike, the four-wheeled ATVs are sure to give you the adrenaline rush you might be craving, which is a great way to add some excitement even on your relaxing trip out of town.

Sports you can play in Baler: Basketball
Enjoy shooting some hoops in the sun in Baler. (Photo credit: Freepik)

When ball is life, you don’t want to miss any chance to hit the court. So if you’re going on a trip with friends, remind them to pack their sneakers, because Baler’s new sports complex has just recently opened.

As Baler continues to expand its facilities, the Department of Public Works and Highways recently opened its new sporting facility, the Aurora Sports Complex, which features a basketball court, a swimming pool, and an oval track.

Sports you can play in Baler: Yoga
#TheGAMESummer’s sunset yoga session in Costa Pacifica’s lush gardens.

If you’re on vacation mode and would prefer a more slow-paced form of movement, pack a yoga mat and start your own yoga session.

Being in Baler means being immersed in nature, and if you’re staying in a resort such as Costa Pacifica, then you should definitely make use of the fresh air and go on a yoga session wherever you find the space to do so — on your balcony, on the gardens, or even on the beach. That’s what we did during #TheGAMESummer.

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Surfing (duh)
Sports you can play in Baler: Surfing
You can’t miss out on catching some waves when you’re in Baler, Aurora.

Surprise, surprise! Of course, we can’t go without mentioning the most popular sport there is to try in Baler: surfing.

The thrill that comes from riding the waves is probably Baler’s best export, so surfing is definitely a must-try, even for those who may be intimidated by the learning curve. Take it from us, it isn’t too difficult to learn, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll likely crave more and more waves.

Images from #TheGAMESummer.

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