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Mayweather & KSI vs Pacquiao & Salt Papi Match is reportedly in the Works

Pacquiao & Salt Papi vs Mayweather & KSI Match in the Works?

Happy Punch Promotions announced that a tag-team match between Pacquiao and Salt Papi vs. Mayweather and KSI is reportedly in the works!

If you’ve been dreaming of a Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather rematch, you may have your prayers answered — though just not in the way you might have expected, as influencer boxers Salt Papi and KSI may be joining the mix.

Earlier today, Happy Punch Promotions just posted a poster to reveal a “tag-team” boxing match, splitting the four fighters into two “teams.”

Happy Punch Promotions is known as the promoter of influencer boxing matches, such as the recent Paul-Fury fight.

With this, it seems that we may finally be getting a Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch, should this announcement come to fruition, plus adding new flavor from the influencer boxing scene to give us something we have never seen before.

While Pacquaio and Mayweather are household names in the world of sport, this announcement comes just recently, a few months after Fil-Brit TikTok sensation Salt Papi stole headlines after his knockout win over Josh Bureckner on January 15.

Meanwhile, KSI is arguably the most popular influencer-boxer, as he has been making waves in the boxing scene since his first amateur fight in February 2018. His manager, Proper Loud Music, also confirmed that it is in production.

Based on the poster, it looks like this “tag-team” match in the works will put Mayweather and KSI on the same team, with Pacquiao and Salt Papi representing the Philippines.

Although we are still waiting for more confirmations and additional details on the reported match, we are already picturing how this might go down. Anyone else?

Banner images from Salt Papi, Manny Pacquiao, KSI, and Floyd Mayweather on Instagram.

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