Philippines to host Men's World Volleyball Championship

Philippines To Host 2025 Volleyball Men’s World Championship

World-class volleyball is headed to the Philippines next year as the country hosts the men’s world championship.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland—Thirty-two countries, close to half a thousand athletes and officials, 16 days of high-intensity action and the Philippines is hosting the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship (MWCH) in 2025.

And the FIVB—Féderacion de International Volleyball—is proud and confident the Philippines would emerge as an excellent solo host of the world championship.

“Today, you will write history again! For the first time ever, the Philippines will host the prestigious FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship in 2025!” FIVB president Ari Graça said in awarding the hosting rights to the Philippines at half past noon Wednesday at the FIVB castle fronting Lake Geneva here.

“In an open bidding process, you have overcome many strong bidders to win this race,” Graça said. “ And I am sure you will extend your warm hospitality to all 32 participating men’s teams and the many thousands of international fans who will come to your country in 2025.”

He added: “All of this would not be possible without the hard work of the National Federation and the strong support of the government.”

The FIVB MWCH is scheduled September 12 to 28 2025, with the draw set exactly before the first serve on September 12 this year in Manila.

Senator Pia Cayetano led a 14-member Philippine bid team captained by Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) president Ramon “Tats” Suzara and supported by Philippine Ambassador to Switzerland Bernard Faustino La Madrid Dy with Department of Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco sending a message of full support to the hosting which the Philippines won over 31 other countries.

“I am ready to accept the responsibility and the privilege for the Philippines to host the Men’s World Championship in 2025,” Suzara said. “It shall definitely be a huge challenge, to mount the single-hosting model, to welcome 32 of the best teams in the world, the highest-ranking officials of the sport and most avid fans of the sport from every corner of the globe.”

“But if there is one thing that we, Filipinos, can do well, it is exactly this—to equally give each and every team the best conditions in order for them to fully focus on the competition and the championship trophy and to make them feel at home right in our own home.”

First hosted by then Czechoslovakia in 1949, the FIVB MWCH—originally a quadrennial competition—has been to Asia only twice before in 1998 and 2006 both in Japan and was shared by two countries in 2018 (Italy and Bulgaria) and 2022 (Poland and Slovenia).

“Our successful bid to host the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship further reinforces our country’s track record in staging world class events,” Cayetano said. “With the support and commitment of both our government and the private sector, we can be certain that it will be of the same caliber, or even better.”

“As a former national volleyball athlete myself, I am excited that the highest level of men’s volleyball competition will be staged in our very own country, to a nation that loves the sport with passion,” she said. We get to bring this international competition to the Philippines, for the Filipino people to witness it first-hand.”

“The Philippines’ hosting of this global volleyball event bolsters our sports tourism portfolio, driving economic growth, highlighting the country’s diverse array of tourism offerings that promise a truly unforgettable Philippine Experience,” said Frasco in a statement read during the bid ceremony.

“We are eager to showcase to the international volleyball community the many reasons to Love the Philippines: from our award-winning destinations, our mega biodiversity, our deep well of culture and heritage, the tapestry of traditions and talents across our islands, and the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino people. “We reiterate the Department of Tourism’s full support and commitment to ensure the successful hosting of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Championship in 2025.”

Ambassador Dy expressed delight in witnessing the successful awarding to the Philippines the hosting chores for the championship.

“We are proud to be given this opportunity to share the Filipinos’ love for sports and to impart the spirit of unity, hospitality and camaraderie amongst Filipinos and athletes from all over the world,” Dy said.

With Graça were FIVB General Director Fabio Azevedo, Head of Volleyball Events Alise Kessler and Head of Legal and General Counsel Steve Bock, Volleyball World Chairman Luis Fernando Lima, Chief Executive Officer Finn Taylor, Chief Business Officer Guido Betti, Head of Hosting Marcelo Hargreaves, Chief Finance Officer Florence Galland, Chief Revenue D2C Officer Stephanie Giardina and Head of Sponsorship Oliver Clarke.

Suzara stressed the PNVF’s readiness and willingness to accept the responsibility with the sheer dedication of the women and men of “our very young federation, PNVF.”

“In a span of three years, which transitioned from the pandemic into return to volleyball, we have come to fulfill a portfolio of volleyball and beach volleyball events, covering domestic leagues, zonal meets, AVC [Asian Volleyball Confederation] and FIVB and Volleyball World event properties.”

“I carry along the profound partnership with the FIVB under the inspiring leadership of Dr. Ary S. Graça and with Volleyball World under its visionary CEO Finn Taylor,” he added.

Senator Cayetano, a certified sportswoman and a former national volleyball team member, championed the country’s passion for sports following the successful bid.

“It has been my personal advocacy to make sports more accessible, most specially to our youth and we have the honor of introducing these 32 teams as well as the global audience to our world renowned Filipino hospitality and colorful Filipino culture,” Cayetano said. “I have always believed that sports can transform communities, change lives.”

“Our country is a volleyball-loving and playing country and it is with great pleasure that we welcome FIVB and Volleyball World to the Philippines,” she said. “Our successful bid further reinforces our country’s track record in staging world-class events and with the support and commitment of both our government, and the private sector, we can be certain that it will be of the same caliber, or even better.”

Banner image from PNVF.

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