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Pitch Perfect: 4 Times Football Boots Were Reimagined by Luxury Brands 

Within the wide spectrum of sports-based collaborations are luxury football boots. Here’s what we have so far. 

Without a doubt, sports-based collaborations are guaranteed hits. After all, there’s the near-universal love for the game and star athletes that bring as much exposure to the table.

Luxury brands are no stranger to this fact. Over the years, we’ve seen top athletes and even teams become an ambassador for them, which in turn creates publicity and translates to sales for a specific season or capsule. 

Now part of the sports and luxury brand crossovers are our trusty football boots. While it’s still a developing trend, here’s some we’ve spotted so far. 

Any pairs you’d cop from this list? 

Adidas and Prada (2023)
luxury football boots: AdidasxPrada
(Photo Credit: Adidas)

In May 2023, Adidas and Prada unveiled their “adidas Football for Prada” collection, which reimagined the Adidas Predator Accuracy, the Copa Pure and the X Crazyfast with Prada’s Linea Rossa design codes.

The result was a trio of minimalist (a Prada signature) looking luxury football boots, which came in black, white and silver base colors combined with the Linea Rossa’s signature bold red iconography. In true luxury fashion, their upper and linings were crafted “with the finest Italian leather”. 

Aime Leon Dore and New Balance (2024)
luxury football boots: ALDxNB
(Photo Credit: Aime Leon Dore)

Aimé Leon Dore and New Balance’s longstanding partnership has now reached football. 

Through star English winger Bukayo Saka, the two brands unveiled last May, a collaborative version of New Balance’s Furon 7+ boot, which will drop “this summer”.

Based on teaser footage, a white and gold gradient is used for the upper, while ALD’s signature green and another gold is featured on the outsole’s gradient. Also on the upper is a huge “Aime” text, which complements New Balance’s signature “N” logo. Safe to say that ALD and New Balance have another hit on their hands with this one.

Bugatti and Adidas (2023)
luxury football boots: AdidasxBugatti
(Photo Credit: Adidas)

In November 2023, Adidas produced another special edition X Crazyfast with automotive maker Bugatti, which was limited to 99 pairs.

Bugatti’s “Bugatti Blue” is the key detail for this luxury football boot, which is inspired by the automotive maker’s “early Grand Prix cars”. More subtle nods included Adidas (Impossible is Nothing) and Bugatti’s (Create the Incomparable) respective mottos by the side, and founder Ettore Bugatti’s insignia by the heel area. 

Reebok and BOTTER World (2024)
luxury football boots: BotterxReebok
(Photo Credit: Reebok on Instagram)

Performance aside, football boots have also been reimagined for lifestyle. Most recently there’s Reebok and “Caribbean couture” house BOTTER World’s Energia Bo Két shoe unveiled last April. 

Technically, the model isn’t an updated version of an existing football boot, but rather a model that’s inspired by 1990s to 2000s Reebok cleats and climbing shoes. 

That inspiration is more than evident on the Energia Bo Ket, from the foldable tongue, asymmetric lacing, and just the overall shape of the boots. Who would’ve expected more “modern” cleats to become lifestyle options right?

And based on what we’ve seen, such collaborations actually seem to work. While it’s a fairly young trend, this small list shows us how sports and legacy-based design cues create a harmonious partnership when executed right after all.

Banner Image from Adidas.

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