Pros Give Us An Early Taste of High Level Project L Gameplay at the Red Bull Pindrop

Pros Give Us An Early Taste of High Level Project L Gameplay at the Red Bull Pindrop

We’re a long way off from release but the game is already looking crazy.

Evo’s more than just a tournament. It’s also a convention where new and upcoming games can show what they’ve got. Of course, there was no game on the show floor more eagerly awaited than Project L. Players of all skill levels got the chance to try Project L but it was thanks to Red Bull that we got an early look at high-level gameplay.

These fantastic Project L show matches took place during the Red Bull Pindrop after-hours event. Pros, personalities, and developers gathered together to chat and show what Project L is all about. Up first to showcase the two-player tag-team mode was Vineeth “ApologyMan” Kusich and Jon “dekillsage” Coello versus Keenan “Kizzie Kay” Kizzie and Tyler “Diaphone” Kusich.

These pros are no strangers to tag-team fighting games but how well can they play when they’re in a team? Project L seems to be really leaning in on their two-player mode as something to be enjoyed in both a casual and competitive sense. Player reception has also been quite positive so we’ll see just how far Riot will go to support this mode.

The Difference of Experience

Next was an exhibition by the two birds of the FGC: Adel “Big Bird” Anouche versus Amjad “AngryBird” Al-Shalabi.

Playing in the one-versus-one mode, Big Bird’s previous experience with tag-team fighters really shows his advantage over his opponent. Even though it’s a different game, familiarity with tag team mechanics and systems will make a difference in Project L.

As for what Project L looks like in the hands of players outside of the tag team fighter spectrum, we have Hoa “Anakin” Luu and Sylvia “QueenArrow” Wahome versus Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique and Imran Khan. All four are pro Tekken players, which you could say is the farthest removed from Project L’s type of gameplay. As messy as their gameplay looked, you could also see these players slowly understand how Project L works as time went on.

Project L is still in development but there’s already a lot to love about it by both casuals and pros. People are already eagerly waiting for the next chance to play what looks to be the next big fighting game of this generation.

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