Rashid’s First Week in Street Fighter 6 Has Been Crazy

Rashid’s First Week in Street Fighter 6 Has Been Crazy

How many times can you guess right with this mixup monster?

Rashid gracefully flew his way into Street Fighter 6 earlier this week and his presence was felt like a storm.

Capcom had previously released a character guide on the acrobatic Arabian prince and people were getting dizzy with what they saw. Like all returning characters in Street Fighter 6, Capcom decided to refine the identity of the character while enhancing their previous capabilities. In this case, it seems like they’ve gone above and beyond for Rashid.

By doubling down on his whirlwind abilities, Rashid now has more ways to reach his opponents while keeping them constantly guessing. Rashid is the first character in Street Fighter 6 to have a double jump. Plus, he has a roll that can duck under attacks and a forward glide that can catch opponents by surprise. All this plus his new offensive options make him a character that’s hard to read and hard to pin down. 

Naturally, players have gone crazy looking for all the possible combos and setups for this character. People quickly found out that his damage output was fairly low, but that doesn’t really matter when your opponent can’t stop the blitz of your attacks. 

The bigger drawback is that Rashid requires a good bit of technical skill. His low damage means that you need to capitalize on every opportunity available, and that can be difficult if you’re not mentally prepared for them.

In any case, character specialists like Adel “Big Bird” Anouche are already in love with this character. These are the kind of characters they live for and time will tell just how crazier Rashid will get by the time Evo rolls around.

A Whirlwind (That’s a Little Too Wild)

A quick side note: Rashid launched with a silly bug where his whirlwind super wouldn’t disappear as long as he was moving forwards. It only took Capcom a day to get rid of it but it’s funny to see such a simple bug make it to the game.

Banner image from Capcom.

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