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Repping The Flag With Style: The Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Teams are gradually unveiling their athletes’ looks for the Paris Olympics, which include their opening and closing ceremony uniforms.

Every Olympic year, part of the anticipation is the uniforms, whether it’s for the opening and closing ceremonies, their Athletes’ Village wear, or in-game kits. After all, we’ve seen uniforms in the past stand out and even create memorable fashion statements that are still remembered today. 

With the Paris Olympics getting closer, teams have started to reveal their athletes’ uniforms for the international sporting event. Like past iterations, these uniforms may be a show of national pride, a callback to past uniforms, or a tribute to the host country’s culture or fashion sense. 

Here are the uniforms that have been revealed so far. Spot any favorites?

Team France
Paris Olympics uniform: France
(Photo Credit: Berluti on Facebook)

Team France’s uniforms for the Paris Olympics opening have been crafted by LVMH brand Berluti and fashion editor Carine Rothfield. Thanks to their classic design, hometown heroes will be wearing a midnight blue wool tuxedo which includes a gradient shawl collar featuring the national colors of blue, white, and red. 

As a minor detail, a logo of either the Paris Olympics is also included in the suit’s pocket area.

Notably, there are differences between male and female Olympians. Male Olympians will be wearing a regular tuxedo, while female Olympians are given a sleeveless version, and can choose between trousers, or a “silk wrap-around skirt”. 

The men will be wearing customized Berluti trainers to complete the look, while the women may choose between the same pair of navy blue leather moccasin loafers.

Besides the Paris Olympics, the same outfits will also be worn by France’s Paralympians during its August 26 opening ceremony.

Team Australia
Paris Olympics uniform: australia
(Photo Credit: Australian Olympic Team on Facebook)

Australia will be going for an exclusive school-like aesthetic for their opening and closing ceremony uniforms in the Paris Olympics. The look was designed by longtime partner Sportscraft, while local athletic shoe maker Volley is providing their footwear.

Inspired by Parisian culture, the look is headlined by a green blazer featuring Team Australia’s logo for the Paris Olympics. The blazer will also feature the country’s Olympic oath on the inside pocket, as well as the names of “all 301 Australian Olympic champions” on its inside lining.

(Photo Credit: Australian Olympic Team on Facebook)

Accompanying the blazer is a tee with green and gold linings, which also includes Australia’s Paris Olympics logo. For the bottoms, male athletes will be wearing chino shorts with green and gold belts, while female Olympians may choose between the chino shorts or a pleated skirt with a green, gold, and white gradient. 

A scarf is also included in the uniform, which can be used as a pocket square, a hair tie, or a neckerchief depending on the Olympians’ preference.

Chinese Taipei
Paris Olympics uniform: Taiwan
(Photo Credit: Taipei Fashion Week on Instagram)

Taiwan, or Chinese Taipei in the Olympics, will also go for a classic, formal look with their opening ceremony uniforms. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Taiwanese Olympians will be donning a blue double-breasted suit during the ceremony, which also includes a lapel pin of a plum blossom, Taiwan’s national flower, and the Chinese Taipei logo. 

Additional details include the buttons which include the words “Chinese Taipei”, and the Paris Olympics logo by the cuff part of the sleeve. A blue and red vest and pocket square with the words “Chinese Taipei” complete the look as well.

Team Canada
(Photo Credit: Justina Di Stasio on Instagram)

Lululemon returns as Team Canada’s outfitter for the Paris Olympics. In fact, their partnership includes opening, closing, and medal ceremonies outfits, alongside pieces for media appearances, and life in the Athletes’ Village. 

Given this, the Canadians are set to mostly wear athleisure pieces in Paris. In true Olympic fashion, Lululemon’s designs incorporate Canada’s national colors of red and white and their iconic maple leaf symbol for their national identity.

For the opening ceremony, Canadian Olympians will be wearing an all-red look, which is composed of a bright red bomber jacket, shorts, and sneakers. Floral and tree-like patterns were also incorporated into the jacket and shorts to celebrate the nation’s biodiversity.

(Photo Credit: Sarah Douglas on Instagram)

In contrast, darker tones take over for their closing ceremony. The Canadians will don a black and red polo and shorts, with prints reportedly inspired by the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

While not as chic as France, Australia, or Taiwan, Lululemon does take pride in their designs’ technicalities, which ensures their Olympians are prepared for changing temperatures, and are overall comfortable throughout their Paris Olympics campaign.

Team Brazil
Paris Olympics uniform: brazil
(Photo Credit: Time Brasil on Facebook)

Brazil’s opening ceremony uniforms were revealed during the Brazil Olympic Committee’s 100 days to the Paris Olympics countdown. And from the looks of it, a denim jacket will be the Brazilians’ statement piece as they get paraded on the River Seine. 

Based on what we’ve seen, the denim jackets will feature jaguar and toucan prints at the back, which are common animals in the country’s wildlife. But, it remains to be seen whether or not it will be limited to the two animals.

Completing the look were striped shirts which came in either green or yellow, white bottoms–pants for men, and skirts for females–and some flip-flops. 

Banner Image from Berluti on Facebook.

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