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Rothy’s and Evian let you wear waste from the US Open

Around 72,000 Evian water bottles were collected from last year’s US Open. And Rothy’s has turned them into new tennis fashion pieces.

More and more brands have been making the commitment to move toward sustainable and circular practices. Now, fashion designers make shoes made from plastic bottles or clothes from recycled fabrics.

Rothy’s is one of those brands. For years, their fashion company has been dedicated to sustainable practices. Most notably, they use threads made out of recycled plastic bottles and other recycled materials to make their products.

In fact, as of 2022, the company recycled over 100 million plastic bottles.

And now, they have a new collection that was taken (both figuratively and literally) from the US Open.

Rothy’s x Evian

Just today, Rothy’s announced the launch of their collaborative collection with Evian. Their newest collection features pieces that are not only inspired by tennis style but also literally taken from the US Open.

And although this collection has just launched, this collaboration has been in the works since last year.

The US Open is one of the world’s major Grand Slams and it is the biggest tennis tournament in the United States. Last year, a total of 631,134 people attended the US Open. And that wasn’t even its highest record which is over 700,000.

With that many people coming into one place over a two-week event, they are sure to create a lot of waste. And they do.

At last year’s US Open, approximately 72,000 Evian water bottles were collected throughout the entire tournament. And Rothy’s, one of fashion’s most sustainable brands, saw this as an opportunity to practice circular production.

They took the 72,000 Evian water bottles and broke them down to create Rothy’s signature thread. Using this thread, they were able to design an entirely new collection. And, in keeping with the tennis theme, their products echo the familiar energy that we see both on and off the court.

The Rothy’s x Evian collection includes two pairs of sneakers, a cap, a visor, and three bags. They are available online and in their New York City stores. So if you’re heading to the US Open, you can do so in (sustainable) style.

So now, you can rep a plastic-bottle pair of sneakers or visor and know exactly where those bottles came from.