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Scoring in Style: How to Spice Up Your Tennis Outfits

When you’re a beginner, it can be hard to win every match. But that doesn’t mean you can’t score some style points with your tennis outfits.

Dressing for a tennis game is generally a no-brainer. Just pick up a pair of sweat-wicking top and bottoms and your shoes and you’re set.

A simple outfit will do the job on the court for sure. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still jazz up your style when you play.

Here are some simple ways you can score in style.

All about the entrance

They say that showing up is half the battle. And sometimes, it’s true. Showing up to your tennis match with a little extra effort put into your outfit might psych out your opponent early on.

And bonus points for you: walking onto the court looking like you own it will give you an extra boost of confidence.

Like Nick Kyrgios, you can show up looking real chill. He’s certainly ready to play—he’s got his outfit on and his bag with all his stuff. But showing up with his headphones on and shoes in hand gives him a relaxed vibe. He’s not looking nervous at all.

The way Emma Raducanu’s jacket matches her cute bottoms makes her look like she put in the effort, but actually, the pieces do the work for her. If you wanna keep it simple yet stylish, you could go for a coordinated look when showing up too.

Clearing your vision

The great thing about tennis is that when it comes to the battle between style versus function, you can have it both ways.

If you’re playing outdoors and in the sun, you can spice up your outfit by adding a cap or a visor. Like Leylah Fernandez here, the visor not only keeps her eyes from the sun, but also makes her entire outfit look more complete.

When you go for a cap or a visor, you get extra style points if it matches your top or bottom too.

Tennis games get really sweaty. How many times have you ended a match with your clothes all soaked?

As Rafa Nadal does, you can roll up some sweatbands over your wrists to wipe off your sweat before every serve. Sliding these on will not only keep your vision clear, but also show your opponent that you mean business.

Now if you get very very sweaty whenever you play (or if you just wanna go for the look), go and add a sweatband on your head too. This is also a great option if you want to keep your hair out of the way. Style points plus helping you play better? Sign me up.

Legs for days

When you’re playing tennis, you’ll be shuffling back and forth to chase down those balls. So outfits that give your legs the most freedom to do so are a great option. Plus, it looks great.

There’s something about tennis dresses and tennis skirts that make me just want to wear them to every workout. They flatter the arms (show off those guns) and they lengthen your legs (legs for days!) and they let you move freely through the court.

Plus, those white skirts they wear at Wimbledon? You could totally wear those to your golf game or for a hike too. The versatility comes with the style.

If skirts aren’t your vibe, you could also go for a full-on bodysuit as Serena Williams does. And I mean, if a 23-time Grand Slam Champion can win in one, I’m sure you can too.

And if you can’t choose, go for Coco Gauff’s style—a hybrid of both! She’s got the bodysuit going on, but the skirt flows around as she jumps and runs when she plays. We’re loving the print too.

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So go ahead and add those little details into your tennis game. Tennis is one of the most popular recreational sports, so the options out there are endless.

The devil’s in the details, so adding the simplest additions to your outfit already makes you look well-prepared. And you’ll want your opponent to think you are, even if sometimes you aren’t.

And the best part of showing up well dressed: if can’t score in your games, at least you’ll be scoring style points.