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Tots Carlos Outfits - The GAME 2024 Feature

Serving Style: Tots Carlos’ Favorite Off-Court Outfits

Tots Carlos looks great in pink, but she shows The GAME what she wears off the court: after a game, on a day off, and on a date.

As one of the star players of the Premier Volleyball League’s Creamline Cool Smashers, we all know by now that Tots Carlos looks amazing in pink. Whenever she rocks her team colors and steps foot on the court, we know that we’re about to witness some memorable plays that are sharply straightforward, but always effective.

This is what makes her one of the best players in the league. But on top of this, it also encapsulates who Carlos is off the court. She describes her personality to The GAME saying, “What you see is what you get.” And this shines through in her sense of style.

Simple and understated yet timelessly chic — this is her fashion philosophy. Here’s how Tots Carlos shows this with what she wears off the court.

What Tots wears after a game
Tots Carlos shows The GAME her off-the-court outfits

After Tots Carlos finishes a PVL game, of course, she’ll opt for a comfortable outfit. “Chill lang,” she emphasizes.

As she shows The GAME, she prefers to wear shorts and a hoodie after a match, a way of signaling to herself that it is time to relax and unwind. But still keeping things stylish and put-together, she enjoys wearing coordinates by matching her shorts with her hoodie. And of course, she can’t forget a comfortable pair of sneakers.

What Tots wears on a day off
Tots Carlos shows The GAME her off-the-court outfits

The four-time Premier Volleyball League Champion loves to keep things simple on her days off.

But, the devil is in the details. She breaks it down: “I’m actually a t-shirt person…For this one, I want to highlight the pants so I wore a black shirt with patterns, and I usually also wear sneakers like these ones, or sometimes my Sambas. But if I want to look more chill, I usually wear my Boston Birkenstocks and some accessories

“So since it’s almost all black, this is my watch — my Pepsi Seiko — and my bracelet, and some rings.”

What Tots wears on a date
Tots Carlos shows The GAME her off-the-court outfits

If Tots Carlos is your fashion inspiration, then you may be starting to pick up on her favorite way to dress. As she puts it, “I always try to go [for] all-black [outfits].”

In this particular date-night outfit, she’s wearing a pair of black Dr. Martens loafers, a pair of sleek black slacks, and a black button-down polo. “Since it’s all black, I try to wear something na may texture or may patterns sa isang part, like for this one, the polo,” Carlos explains, highlighting the main part of her outfit, the white stitching of her top.

And again, she’s all about the simple yet effective details. “Mahilig ako sa mga silver accessories,” she shares. So with this outfit, she is wearing her silver Casio watch and some rings.

Love Tots Carlos’ outfits? Watch the full video here!

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