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Spooky is in season: 7 athletes who won the costume game this Halloween

Over the last few days, we haven’t been nearly as excited about the sports games, races, and matches as we have been about Halloween. And that’s because we love seeing our favorite athletes put the effort into dressing up.

This year, they did not hold back. From the tunnel to the trick-or-treat streets, the top athletes made sure to make the most out of the spooky season.

And in true Halloween spirit, here are seven athletes who shocked us best.

Grant Williams

It looks like the Celtics called in a favor because Boston’s Batman came walking through the tunnel ready for the game against the Wizards on Sunday. And the win definitely kept the city safe in the win column.

Trae Young

For anyone starting to get impatient for the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Trae Young’s Halloween costume should keep your excitement at bay.

Pascal Siakam

Toronto Raptor Pascal Siakam got the 50 Cent look absolutely spot on. Now, all we need is for him to drop his debut single.

A’ja Wilson

WNBA player A’ja Wilson proves that women can do whatever they want to—including dressing as five characters from the same show in one Halloween.

Tom Brady

If NFL legend Tom Brady chose to dress as the Grim Reaper to avoid being recognized while trick-or-treating with his kids, this was definitely a good choice. Plus, he probably gave some people some chills too.

Damian Lillard

If you think Tom Brady looked cute all dressed up with his kids, Portland Trail Blazer Damian Lillard took it one level higher. His entire family dressed as the cast of Toy Story, and we are obsessed.

He gets bonus points for dressing his twins as Slinky Dog.

Myles Garrett

We saved the best for last.

NFL players are already intimidating on a normal day. But put a defensive end like Myles Garrett in a Stranger Things costume? And as Vecna, no less—forget about it.

Which athlete had the best costume this year in your opinion?

Banner image courtesy of A’ja Wilson on Twitter.