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Sports clinics in Metro Manila for kids: Aspire Football Academy

Sports Clinics In Manila That You Can Enroll Your Kids In

Whether you’re hoping to get them into team sports or individual sports, there’s a sports clinic that’s right for your kid.

There are so many benefits to getting kids into sports at a young age. They can improve their motor skills and overall fitness, they get to meet many new people and learn how to work in a team, it teaches them the value of good physical health — the list could go on. This is why many parents love to enroll their children in sports clinics.

If you’re looking to help your own kids get the same kinds of benefits through the magic of sports, here are some clinics and programs in Metro Manila that you should check out!

Aspire Football Academy
(Photo credit: Aspire Football Academy on Facebook)

A football clinic is an all-in-one way of getting kids into an athletic lifestyle early — they’ll be out in the sun, running and doing drills, and learning the value of teamwork. If this is something you’re hoping to pass on to your kids at a young age, you can sign them up for football lessons at Aspire Football Academy PH.

Aspire Football Academy’s mission is to help uplift Philippine football by offering holistic and athlete-centered training for kids aged four to 12 years old. With their training staff of players from the UP Men’s and Women’s Football Teams, they offer football lessons at the UP Sunken Garden every week, as well as online sessions that engage kids.

Spike and Serve Volleyball Academy
(Photo credit: Spike & Serve Volleyball Academy)

Think your child has what it takes to become the next Alyssa Valdez? The Spike and Serve Volleyball Academy might just be the perfect sports clinic to get your kids started.

The Spike and Serve Volleyball Academy based in Metro Manila is a grassroots development institution that focuses on giving young kids a focused, systematized, and holistic training program that helps them kickstart their journey in the sport in the right way. They offer camps all over the Metro, from Antipolo to Makati, also making it highly accessible to many families.

Filipino Basketball Academy

It almost feels like a rite of passage for Filipino kids to try basketball at least once. This may be why the Filipino Basketball Academy is one of the most popular sports clinics for kids in the Philippines.

Hosting camps all over Metro Manila, the Filipino Basketball Academy brings the country’s favorite sport to many kids who are looking to hoop. Their various programs offer beginner-friendly training sessions that help young athletes develop their skills, confidence, and of course, their love for the sport.

LTSA Gymnastics
(Photo credit: LTSA Gymnastics)

Gymnastics is one of the best sports you can enroll your child in, as it allows them to develop mobility, flexibility, and overall fitness from a young age. Plus, it’s fun for kids to learn how to perform all the tricks in the sport. So if this is something you’re looking for, LTSA Gymnastics offers for aspiring gymnasts of all ages!

LTSA Gymnastics offers many beginner-friendly training programs for kids of all ages — they can even start as early as two years old! And as your kid starts to level up in the sport, LTSA also supports gymnasts who are ready to compete, making it a great program for progression.

Bert Lozada Swim School
(Photo credit: Bert Lozada Swim School on Facebook)

Even if your kid is already enrolled in other sports, it’s worth considering putting them in a swim school as swimming isn’t just a competitive sport — it’s a life skill that every kid should learn at a young age.

The Bert Lozada Swim School is one of the Philippines’ most popular swimming clinics, especially as they offer lessons in many places around Metro Manila for kids of all ages and experience levels. So, whether you’re just hoping to help your kids get comfortable in the water or if you’re hoping to help kickstart their competitive swimming journey, their school will have the program fit for your child.

Banner image from Aspire Football Academy on Facebook.

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