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Star-Studded Gathering: What’s Going Down In Team USA’s Paris Olympics Training Camp?

The ‘Avengers in Paris’ have finally assembled ahead of the Olympics, starting with a four-day training camp in Las Vegas. 

Three months after they were first announced, Team USA has finally convened for the Paris Olympics as they are holding a four-day training camp in Las Vegas. Although we’re still a few weeks away from the Opening Ceremony, this was enough to ramp up the excitement for this team, as we’re finally getting to see them in their jerseys training together.

As it stands, all eyes will be on Team USA heading into Paris. After all, this crop features the NBA’s best, with a number being multi-time Olympians and gold medalists already. Given this, nothing less than the gold will be expected from this current iteration of the national team.   

With that, here are some highlights from Team USA’s first assembly in Las Vegas. Surely, everyone is just as excited as we are, right? 

(Video Credit: Team USA on X)
Team USA training camp: LeBron James x Kevin Durant
(Photo Credit: Team USA on X)

Team USA will have all-time greats playing under one flag, which means we’re bound to get interactions from the NBA’s elite as teammates, instead of rivals. Fortunately, we’ve already gotten some early on as members of the squad arrived in Las Vegas.

Jersey reveals!
Team USA training camp: Kevin Durant
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Team USA training camp: Anthony Davis
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Team USA training camp: LeBron James
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(Photo Credit: Team USA on X)
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(Photo Credit: Team USA on X)

We now have glimpses of Team USA wearing their jerseys thanks to their training camp’s media day. For instance, here are multi-time Olympians like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis, and first-timers including Steph Curry, Joel Embiid, and Anthony Edwards! 

We’re talking about practice! 
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(Photo Credit: Golden State Warriors on X)

Last, but not least, are the practices, where Team USA will get a feel for each other’s game, on top of learning Steve Kerr’s system ahead of Paris. Besides these stars’ high IQs, Kerr will also have World Cup holdovers Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Haliburton, and his longtime Warriors star Steph Curry to help with any learning curves.

After this training camp, Team USA will have a series of friendly matches, beginning with Team Canada on July 10. Here, we’ll get an early view of the Americans’ potential dynamic as they gun for the gold in Paris. 

Will this Team USA be the Dream Team of the 2020s? We’ll find out in a few weeks’ time.

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