Street Fighter 6’s AI Terrorize the FGC’s Best and Brightest

Street Fighter 6’s AI Terrorize the FGC’s Best and Brightest

The future is now and it knows how to do combos.

Capcom released a demo for Street Fighter 6 last April — a sample of the game’s World Tour mode, versus mode, and practice options. While the versus mode was limited to only two characters, series protagonist Ryu and the newcomer Luke, this didn’t stop players from extracting as much information as they could about the game’s mechanics.

In particular, players realized that the enemy AI set to the highest difficulty becomes an absolute demon of fighting games. From inhuman reactions to optimized combos, Street Fighter 6’s level 8 CPU is the game’s ultimate challenge. 

It’s a challenge that the Fighting Game Community’s best can’t help but take on. Here are just a few of the challengers.

Daigo Umehara

Daigo Umehara, the Beast himself, struggled for hours on this challenge. It’s amusing to see him speak about his computer-controlled opponent as if it were another person.

Hajime Taniguchi

There’s also Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, another Street Fighter legend. He tried to apply his more measured and controlled approach to fighting games to an inherently uncontrollable enemy.

Derek Ruffin

On the other side of the world, we have Derek “iDom” Ruffin. His strategy involved switching between Ryu and Luke to see which one is the best fit to beat this AI.

Maximillian Dood

Popular fighting game content creator Maximilian Dood had some fun with his try at the level 8 CPU. He kept track of his attempts to see how much money he would have sunk if Street Fighter 6 was released in an arcade.

Justin Wong

Last but not least is fighting game master Justin Wong. Not content with just beating the maxed-out AI, he decided to take it several steps further and apply extra advantages to his opponent.

(Skip ahead to 9:41 in the video if you just want to see the carnage.)

And to think this is the AI using only the two available characters in the demo. Imagine what it would look like once everyone else is available when Street Fighter 6 releases this June.

Banner image from Capcom.

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