Team Secret: The PH Team that Shocked the Valorant Scene

Team Secret: The PH Team that Shocked the Valorant Scene

It’s #pinoypride in the E-sports world as Team Secret’s VALORANT team made waves against Team Liquid.

In the E-Sports gaming scene, Team Liquid is a big name, and, for many gamers, it’s a great and welcome shock when Team Secret snatches a victory from them.

The more interesting part: Team Secret’s VALORANT team is composed purely of Filipino E-Sports players. Although they lost against the older European team NA’VI, it’s still an impressive achievement from the PH.

Team Secret flying from the Philippines to Brazil
Team Secret flying from the Philippines to Brazil. Photo credit: Team Secret on Instagram
A representative from the Pacific and a comeback

According to Achilios, one of the shout casters during the match between Team Liquid and Team Secret, last year was challenging for the latter team.

Besides the pandemic preventing physical e-sports tournaments, Team Secret had a “bomb” of the year and struggled to make it into any of the international tournaments. And to fight Team Liquid in the Omega Bracket, it’s nerve-wracking as they are one of the leading professional e-sports organizations in the world.

The team also uploaded a vlog of all their highlights especially the play when Team Secret’s JessieVash with only a sliver of health left snuck up on Team Liquid’s soulcas (who was playing Sage), stabbing him in the back.

Is there hope for the Philippines in E-sports?

Although people accepted e-sports as a professional sport worldwide, it’s still making its way through in the Philippines.

Filipinos have already made a name for themselves in Mobile Legends, but to dominate a Western-dominated scene like VALORANT, it’s quite a long way to climb. But their victory against Team Liquid is a sign that Filipinos can do well in e-sports so long there’s proper support.

Banner image from Team Secret on Instagram.

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