The 2024 Predator League Brings out the Star Power

The 2024 Predator League Brings Out Celebrity Star Power

It was like an esports tournament and live concert fused into one major event.

The year’s just begun but the 2024 Asia Pacific Predator League has already pulled out all the stops by bringing celebrities to elevate their event. With names like Sarah Geronimo, Ylona Garcia, and SB19 present, it was sure to be grand finals to remember.

Taking a look at their talent lineup, there were over 10 musical talents and celebrities attending the event. That number is rather unprecedented for the grand finals of an esports tournament. Considering that the event only lasted for two days, every moment of the Predator League was filled with either hype gameplay or musical performances.

The 2024 Predator League Brings out the Star Power
Franco soothes the crowd after the Dota 2 grand finals. (Photo credit: Predator Gaming PH)

Both days started with an opening act followed by the day’s matches. At the end of each match was an intermission performance and a closing performance to end the day. Popular OPM bands such as Urbandub, Spongecola, and Sandwich took to the stage to keep the energy high between matches. Add to that KZ Tandingan’s powerful performance to close the show and it felt more like a music festival at times rather than an esports tournament. 

Of course, sporting events are no strangers to live musical performances. For esports, the top-of-mind when it comes to these is Riot Games as they have no trouble drawing in talent. You only need to look at last year’s League of Legends World Championships to see how bombastic they can get.

The 2024 Predator League Brings out the Star Power
KZ Tandingan ends the 2024 Predator League on a high note. (Photo credit: Predator Gaming PH)

This all boils down to the fact that these big events are more than just a tournament. They’re here to entertain and hype up fans, to give them an experience they won’t forget. With celebrity star power and world-class gameplay, the 2024 Predator League achieved just that.

Banner image from Predator Gaming.

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