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The Holiday Playbook: 10 Gifts For The Sports Fan In Your Life

This holiday season, The GAME’s got your back. We’re running down the 10 best gifts that any sports fan is guaranteed to love.

We all have at least one die-hard sports fan in our lives. And this holiday season, if you want to make them feel special, we’ve got your back.

This is The GAME’s Holiday Playbook. We’re running down the 10 best gift options that you treat your favorite sports fan to. Pick one or two, or get them all. There isn’t anything on this list they wouldn’t love.

1. Their favorite team’s jersey

We’re starting with the most obvious one. There aren’t any sports fans who wouldn’t appreciate receiving their favorite team’s jersey. Even if they already own one, you can never have too many, right?

2. Their favorite team’s cap

They say to wear your heart on your sleeve, but how about on your head? Find their favorite sports team on a stylish cap so they can show off their colors with any outfit.

3. Their favorite sport on video game

Nearly all sports and leagues have been turned into games: 2K for the NBA, The Show for the MLB, NFL has Madden, and football has FIFAโ€”take your pick. And if you’re feeling competitive, you can even challenge them to a game yourself.

4. Their favorite athlete’s biography

For the sports fan who also happens to be a bookworm. Athletes tell the best and most inspiring stories, and so many of them have books to show for it. Pick one out from the non-fiction section of your nearest bookstore and they can find out what it’s really like to be a pro.

5. Tickets to watch their favorite sport

No sports fan will say no to a chance to watch their favorite team or players live. One of the best gifts you could give is a ticket to a game happening sometime soonโ€”like the FIBA World Cup, for example.

And if you’re a fan too, buy one for yourself while you’re at it.

6. A subscription to their favorite league

There’s way more to sports than the games on TV, and many leagues let you in on the off-camera action on their own platforms. The sports fan in your life would love unlimited access to whatever sport they love best, so here are just some league subscriptions you could check out and treat them to:

7. Audio accessories to make them feel like they’re in the stadium too

For the best game-viewing experience, the sound quality matters more than you think. Give the sports fan in your life the equipment they need to blast the commentaries, cheers, and interviews of every game.

And if they watch games in the middle of the night, you could also give them a pair of headphones too. This will be a gift for you too if you live with them and they’re constantly waking you up with game noise.

8. Mini games to make them feel like an athlete too

If you’re looking for a fun gift for the sports fans you know, mini-games are the way to go. A mini basketball hoop, a mini football goal, or even a mini foosball table will surely put a smile on their faces. Plus, they’ll keep their skill sharp even in their room.

9. A glass set to celebrate every win

For the sports fan who likes to sit back and relax during games, a glass set for their whisky, cocktails, wine, or beer will be perfect to celebrate their team’s wins (or mourn every loss).

10. Sports memorabilia they can show off

Finally, if you want a gift that will certainly be their favorite of the year (and possibly the decade), get them memorabilia of their favorite team or athlete. There are several places where you can find signed jerseys, balls, caps, and other merchandise.

And while these may be on the pricey side, they are truly unforgettable gifts.

Which ones are your top picks?

Banner image from Luke Shaw on Twitter.