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The Holiday Playbook: 5 Gifts For The Tennis Player In Your Life

Ace the gift-giving this holiday season with these five products that any tennis player would love to open on Christmas day.

Tennis is arguably the most popular recreational sport, and we all know at least one person who hits the court every week.

So, here are five gifts to make that person (or all the tennis players in your life) smile this holiday season. Chances are they’ll be back on the court right after Christmas dinner, and your gift will be put to good use right off the racket.

1. A new (and more functional) tote

This tote bag is a sure winner. It has pockets and straps that are perfectly suited for all your tennis equipment, and even on off-court days, it’s stylish enough for just about any other activity. Talk about versatility.

2. A Wimbledon-esque outfit

Being a tennis player means you get to dress up in cute outfits for every match. So why not give the tennis player in your life a brand new outfit to spice up their game? adidas and Parlay Tennis’ collection not only bring style to the court, but sustainability too.

3. A pop of color

Unless the tennis player in your life is actually playing at Wimbledon, then there’s no reason they can’t add a pop of color to their outfit. Some new stylish and vibrant pairs of socks in their closet will not go unused.

4. Roger Federer’s shoes

Well, not exactly. But you can get them close enough with On Running’s Roger collection. Bonus points if you get them the newest colorways.

5. A table for tennis

And if the tennis player in your life is highly competitive, you could get them a table tennis net that they could set up wherever. They’ll be able to challenge anyone, anywhere.

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices. Which ones are you adding to your cart?

Banner image from MEETKESO on Recess’ Instagram.